3AF Space Propulsion conference

In May 2022, EUCASS joins 3AF to organize a prospective session: "In orbit Refueling challenges and solutions" during Space propulsion conference.


As a natural following of the 2020 theme  “ In-orbit Resource utilization “,  «  In orbit Refueling »  is a key element for increasing sustainability, and for moon and mars exploration success.

The Space Propulsion  session will be dedicated to «  in-orbit refueling technologies and issues on vehicle side » . 

During  EUCASS-3AF2022, a wrap up key note speech  of SP session will open the session   «  dedicated on Propellant depot  projects,  long term storage and interfaces » . 


Space propulsion call for paper is now open :   https://www.3af-spacepropulsion.com/call-for-papers.  Abstract deadline is November 15th.