ArianeGroup Best Student Paper Award

Any student, up to PhD student included, can compete provided they can present the student ID used for the registration. If a student just finished their studies in June-July 2023 and is presenting the associated work, Master thesis, PhD thesis, and so on, then it is allowed not to have a Student ID anymore and even to have started working.

The full paper shall be sent to the organizers by Sunday 18 June midnight.
There will be no extension and no waiver as the Jury needs one month to analyze correctly the papers and make their choice; no modification will be accepted after that date, except for trivial reasons (typo, modification of authors, ...).

How to participate?

In order to participate to the competition, you have to send an email to, with the subject:
"I confirm my participation to the Best Student Paper Award for AEC 2023"
once your final paper is uploaded on the website

Participation is not automatic and usually we note plenty of students who do not want to take part in the competition, or who do not plan to attend the gala dinner.

The papers can correspond to an Oral or a Poster presentation, provided it copes with the format recommendations we provided.

The papers are spread into 5 categories grouping topics more or less similar, in order to have comparable sizes.

  • #1 will group Propulsion related topics, PROPHY + TURBO
  • #2 groups Aerodynamics, thermic, topics, AEROFLIPHY + CFDMPS + FLOCON
  • #3 groups Structures and GNC, STRMAT + FDGNCAV
  • #5 linked to Environment and Sustainability is CLINAV + HEPAEM + STUDENT + SUSTAV + SUSTSP

The Jury consists of volunteers coming from the Technical Committee + Nadja Wolf from ArianeGroup, sponsor of the award.

The analysis is done following 4 criteria:

  • Technical quality (we are a congress of Science and R&T so scientific approach is fundamental)
  • Innovation (an original paper with new ideas is welcome)
  • Paper quality (general presentation, quality of layout, figures, references...)
  • Wow effect (subjective)

Each criteria is scored from 0 to 5, 0 very poor, 5 excellent. Total 20.

  • The 3 best will be called nominees and we will check if they come to the gala dinner
  • Out of the 3 best per category, the #1 in score will be called the winner of the category.
  • Then, we will have a cross analysis where every member of the Jury will go through the 4 papers out of his/her competence, in order to identify the Great Winner out of the 5.
  • One additional point will be added to younger students in order to differentiate PhDs from Masters, aso...

The award ceremony will be held during the gala dinner at the Olympic Museum on Wednesday 12 evening. It will be co-led by Nadja Wolf from ArianeGroup, Sponsor of the event, and Christophe Bonnal from CNES.

The winners get 500 € each, and extra 500 € for the Great Winner. They also get a nice diploma, small capsule interview the following day, mention on our websites and on Linkedin, and we help them publish their paper in a Peer Reviewed Journal.

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