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EUCASS, the European Conference for AeroSpace Sciences, was created by European scientists and engineers to improve the vitality of their scientific communication, the quality of their technical activities and to stimulate exchanges between researchers and industry end-users worldwide. On July 6th, 2006, it became a non-profit association under Belgian law. It is a member of the International Astronautical Federation.



Mikhail S. Ivanov passed away on Friday August 30th

He was the head of Computational Aerodynamic Laboratory of the Khristianovich Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He was a specialist in the field of molecular gas dynamics and high-altitude aerothermodynamics. He authored more than 350 academic publications. The main directions of his scientific activities were computational rarefied gas dynamics, aerodynamics of space vehicles, shock wave interaction, hypersonic viscous flows, and high-performance computations on parallel computers.

Progress in Propulsion Physics is available

The volume 4 of the EUCASS proceedings series – Advances in AeroSpace Sciences dedicated to the topic Progress in Propulsion Physics has appeared recently. 

2013 Aerospace Thematic Workshop at Aussois

Fundamentals of Aerodynamic Flow and Combustion Control by Plasmas

CNRS Conference Centre Paul Langevin, Aussois, France

Programme final ici

This 2013 AEROSPACE THEMATIC WORKSHOP will take place during the week 7 – 12 April 2013  in the French Alps. This conference is the fourth of a cycle of conferences dedicated to the fundamental issues in the scientific disciplines relevant to aeronautics and space development.

5th Eucass - European Conference for Aerospace Sciences - Munich, Germany, 1-4 July 2013

Call for papers
Informative abstracts of at least one full page can be uploaded from September 15, 2012 until January 6, 2013. If accepted, authors will be invited to prepare a full 10-15 page paper and submit it before the absolute deadline of May 27, 2013. Papers submitted in due time will be published in the conference proceedings.

EUCASS is the high-level forum for all aeronautic and space research players in Greater Europe, including Russia. It is dedicated to the promotion of enabling sciences and technologies. It is also the place where scientists can gain a comprehensive picture of European accomplishments. EUCASS is the natural venue for decision makers as well as an opportunity for young scientists to meet their peers and the industry leaders. The main objectives are:

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