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The Aerospace Europe newsletter’s primary objective is to bring to your attention

  1. Conferences that are of interest to our community
  2. Contents of the latest issues of scientific journals edited in Europe
  3. Relevant patents from the European Patent Office.

Occasionally, job offers and public policy issues will be posted.

If you hear of outstanding breakthroughs from other groups or from your own lab, do not fail to inform us at the special email address   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we'll highlight them in the forthcoming issue.

That said so, this issue features three main sections:

  1. Announcement of conferences from Aerospace Europe societies and the Pegasus network
  2. The usual tables of contents of European aerospace journals ordered by disciplines in order to facilitate access to material of interest to you
  3. The section "Patents of Interest" will look at a few patents of interest published in the last 6 months on a broad array of topics

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News from Aerospace Europe partner societies

To always fine the latest news for the events organized by the Aerospace Europe (ae in short) members, do not forget to visit the ae website.

Royal Aeronautical Society

The Royal Aeronautical Society is organizing a 3 days event in Bristol (see venue here) the 24-26 July.

This Future of Aerodynamics conference will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of aspects of the advancement of the aerodynamic disciplines and their application in a civil and military context through current research, nearer term conception and longer term design and operations.

The 2018 Royal Aeronautical Society biennial Applied Aerodynamics Research Conference will also mark the 100th anniversary of the formation of the RAF.

Program available here.


EUROMECH is organizing its Colloquium 598 on Coherent structures in wall-bounded turbulence: new directions in a classic problem that will be held the 29-31 August at the Imperial College - London, UK.

Coherent structures have been an hot topic of investigation in turbulent research for years.

Recently, there has been a growing body of evidence that the dynamics of the newly discovered coherent structures at high Reynolds numbers may well be approached with suitable extensions of the theoretical tools used for transition and for low-Reynolds-number turbulence. This emerging topic provides many important new opportunities for the development of novel low-dimensional descriptions of high Reynolds number turbulent flows, while establishing an integrated view on transition and turbulence in a wide range of Reynolds numbers.

The scope of the proposed Euromech colloquium is to explore this topic by bringing together a group of experts in transition and turbulence of wall-bounded shear flows. The latest results on both transition and turbulence will be presented with the particular aim to address important current challenges and future directions in theory, computation and experiment. 


EUROMECH is organizing its 12th European Fluid Mechanics Conference (EFMC) that will be held the 9-13 September 2018 at TU Wien, Vienna, Austria.

EFMC is organized biennially under the auspices of EUROMECH and covers all fields of fluid mechanics. Since the inaugural meeting in Cambridge 1991 the EFMC has evolved to the main fluid mechanics conference in Europe. It provides the opportunity to meet and discuss with the leading scientists in the field.

We are proud to host this important event in Vienna in 2018 and invite you to be become part of it. The organization team is working hard to make the conference successful and to make your participation a great experience.

News from Journals

    For your convenience, starting from newsletter #10 we  provide for each article the keywords selected by the respective journal editor.


    At the same time, our newsletter editor or his helper is classifying the most interesting articles for our Aerospace Europe partners according to main areas of interest.


    Please find below the usual classification with links to the proper article in the classical article list based on the different journals presented in this newsletter.


TsAGI Science Journal

Since Newsletter #27 (see the past issues on our website here)  three new volumes have been published:

  • Volume 48, Issue N.5 (toc available here)
  • Volume 48, Issue N.6 (toc available here)
  • Volume 48, Issue N.7 (toc available here)

The toc of this last issue is reported below for your convenience.

Table of Contents (Volume 48 Issue N.7)

About verification and validation of computational methods and codes on the basis of godunov method
Bosnyakov, Sergey Mikhailovich and Gorbushin, Anton Roaldovich and Kursakov, Innokentii Aleksandrovich and Matyash, Sergei Vladimirovich and Mikhailov, Sergei Vladimirovich and Podaruev, Vladimir Yur’evich
Pages: 597–615
Keywords: numerical method, convergence, accuracy order, Richardson's extrapolation, validation, fuselage-wing configuration, experimental data accuracy

Exact solution to the thermal boundary layer equation for cylinders in fluids with low prandtl numbers
Kashevarov, Alexey Vasil’evich
Pages: 617–625
Keywords: thermal boundary layer, exact solution, cylinder, low Prandtl number

Approbation of a continuous balance testing technique in the t-128 transonic wind tunnel at subsonic velocities
Bukharov, Kirill Dmitrievich and Gorbushin, Anton Roaldovich and Kartashev, Yurii Valentinovich and Petronevich, Vasiliy Vasilievich and Sudakova, Iraida Alekseevna and Chernyshev, Sergei Leonidovich
Pages: 627–647
Keywords: transonic wind tunnel, continuous test mode, Mach number control

Asymptotic evaluations of heat-exchange characteristics using thin-film temperature sensors
Stolyarov, Evgeniy Pavlovich
Pages: 649–660
Keywords: hypersonic flow, transient process, characteristic ambient temperature, heat exchange, impulse response function, asymptotic solution

Laminated composite stiffness and strength estimation method
Vermel, Vladimir Dmitrievich and Oleinikov, Aleksander Ivanovich and Chernyshev, Leonid Leonidovich
Pages: 661–664
Keywords: laminated composites, stiffness, strength, stress sign, sequential failure of layers

Shimmy analysis of light airplane main landing gear
Chuban, Vitalii Dmitrievich
Pages: 665–672
Keywords: aircraft landing gear, shimmy, vibrations, instability, pole, rolling

The solution to the problem of deflections of a rectangular thin isotropic plate with all built-in edges in the equations for the bending moments
Yaremchuk, Julian Fedotovich
Pages: 673–682
Keywords: bending, thin plate, equilibrium equations, deflection function, bending moments


Journal of Aerospace Engineering

Since last newsletter, many new issues have been released. The latests are: 

  • Volume 232, Issue N.7 of June 2018 (toc available here)
  • Volume 232, Issue N.8 of June 2018 (toc available here)
  • Volume 232, Issue N.9 of July 2018 (toc available here)

The toc for the last issue is reported below for your convenience.

Table of Contents (Volume 232 Issue N.9)

Experimental investigation on ignition limits of plasma-assisted ignition in the propane–air mixture
Yu, Jinlu and He, Liming and Hu, Zhi and Zhang, Qian and Xiao, Yang and Jiang, Yongjian and Wu, Yong
Pages: 1685–1691
Keywords: Plasma-assisted Ignition;Spark Ignition;Lean Limit;Rich Limit;Excess Coefficient;

Uncertainty quantification in aircraft gas turbine engines
Arahchige, Buddhi and Perinpanayagam, Suresh
Pages: 1628–1638
Keywords: TURBOMATCH;Normal Distributions;Control Charts;Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM);Prognostics;

Longitudinal nonlinear adaptive autopilot design for missiles with control constraint
Lee, Keum W and Singh, Sahjendra N
Pages: 1655–1670
Keywords: Adaptive Missile Autopilot;Nonlinear Missile Control;Saturating Controller Design;Longitudinal Autopilot With Input Constraints;Aerodynamic Parameter Uncertainty;

Three-dimensional numerical study on the interaction of contralateral insect wings in asymmetric stroke
Zhang, Rui and Xie, Peng and Zhou, Chaoying and Wang, Chao
Pages: 1671–1684
Keywords: Contralateral Wings;Interaction;Asymmetric Flight;Span-wise Flow;3D Computation;

Influence of nozzle configuration on the flow field of multiple jets
Kannan, BT and Panchapakesan, NR
Pages: 1639–1654
Keywords: Axisymmetric Jet;Multiple Jets;Turbulence;K–ε Model;Numerical Study;

Robust finite time second-order sliding mode stabilization control for floated inertial platform
Yu, Chunmei and Li, Anliang and Zhang, Shifeng and Bai, Xibin
Pages: 1620–1627
Keywords: Floated Inertial Platform;Suspension Stabilization Control;Robust Finite Time Second-order Sliding Mode Control;

Experimental investigation on separation control by slot jet in highly loaded compressor cascade
Jiaguo, Hu and Rugen, Wang and Renkang, Li and Chen, He and Qiushi, Li
Pages: 1704–1714
Keywords: Compressor Cascade;Highly Loaded;Flow Control;Trailing Edge Separation;Corner Separation;Slot Jet;

Effect of titanium nitride coating for improvement of fire resistivity of polymer composites for aerospace application
Venkatesan, Ganesh and Jithin, PR and Rajan, T Vignesh and Pitchan, Mohan Kumar and Bhowmik, Shantanu and Rane, R and Mukherjee, S
Pages: 1692–1703
Keywords: Polymeric Composites;Thermal Stability;Fire Resistance;Laminate Composites;

Multiobjective optimization of hard coating parameters designing for damping of the bladed disk
Chen, Yugang and Zhai, Jingyu and Han, Qingkai
Pages: 1609–1619
Keywords: Hard Coating;Bladed Disk;Multiobjective Optimization;Damping Capacity;Kriging Model;NSGA-II;

The lateral force hysteretic characteristic of a pitching slender body without and with synthetic jet control
Wang, Qite and Cheng, Keming and Gu, Yunsong and Chen, Yonghe
Pages: 1725–1738
Keywords: Slender Body;Pitching Motion;Particle Image Velocimetry;Reduced Frequency;Hysteretic Loop;Micro Synthetic Jet;Flow Control;

Super-twisting integral-sliding-mode guidance law considering autopilot dynamics
Meng, Kezi and Zhou, Di
Pages: 1787–1799
Keywords: Missile Guidance Law;Missile Autopilot;Super-twisting Algorithm;Nonlinear Integral Sliding Mode;Finite-time Convergence;

Numerical investigation of hypersonic flow with repetitive-pulsed plasma actuators
Wang, Chin-Cheng and Hsu, Li-Chung
Pages: 1715–1724
Keywords: Repetitive-pulsed Discharges;Power Deposition;Hypersonic Flow Control;Bow Shock Wave;Plasma Actuators;

Extension local representation of gravity anomaly along glide trajectory
Zhou, Huan and Ding, Zhijian and Zheng, Wei and Tang, Guojian
Pages: 1764–1786
Keywords: Hypersonic Glide Vehicle;Glide Trajectory;Gravity Anomaly;Extension Approximation;Spatial Partitioning;

Updating of aerodynamic reduced order models generated using computational fluid dynamics
Griffiths, LM and Gaitonde, AL and Jones, DP and Friswell, MI
Pages: 1739–1763
Keywords: Updating;Reduced Order Models;Computational Fluid Dynamics;Euler;Reynolds-averaged Navier–stokes;

Combustion and Explosion Journal

Since newsletter #27, a new volumes of the Combustion and Explosion Journal has been just publshed. 

  • Volume 11, Issue N.2 (toc available here)

For your convenience, the toc of the last issue is provided below.

Table of Contents (Volume 11 Issue N.2)

Ignition of a stoichiometric acetone--oxygen mixture behind reflected shock waves: Numerical simulation of the kinetics of luminescence of OH* and CO2* and absorption of CO2
P. A. Vlasov, N. V. Nazarova, V. N. Smirnov, and A. M. Tereza
Keywords: kinetics of ignition; numerical simulations; detailed kinetic mechanism; ignition delay time; electronically excited states of radicals

On the role of thermal and kinetic factors in the origin of flammability limits in gaseous mixtures
V. V. Azatyan, Yu. N. Shebeko, A. Yu. Shebeko, and A. V. Zuban
Keywords: flammability limits; thermal theory; chain theory; chain branching and chain termination reactions

Effect of steam addition on the process of matrix conversion of methane to syngas
A. V. Nikitin, A. V. Ozerskiy, K. A. Timofeev, I. K. Komarov, Y. S. Zimin,
Pages: I. V. Sedov, V. M. Shmelev, and V. S. Arutyunov
Keywords: syngas; matrix conversion; steam

Measurement of the heats of combustion of natural combustible gases  in the combustion bomb calorimeter
A. V. Inozemtsev, J. O. Inozemtsev, and A. B. Vorob'ev
Keywords: volumetric heat of combustion (higher and lower); calorific value; natural gas; combustion calorimeter

On impact of large-scale vortex structures on flame shape in a swirling jet flow
L. M. Chikishev, V. M. Dulin, A. S. Lobasov, and D. M. Markovich
Keywords: swirling flames; coherent structure; precessing vortex core; planar laser-induced fluorescence; particle

Influence of heat transfer, turbulence, and kinetics on a flow in model high-speed combustion  chamber with step
V. V. Vlasenko, O. V. Voloshchenko, S. M. Frolov, A. E. Zangiev,
Pages: I. V. Semenov, and F. S. Frolov
Keywords: high-speed combustor; hydrocarbon fuel; flame oscillations; deflagration; heat exchange; turbulent

Infrared burning devices with the catalytic radiation screen
N. Ya. Vasilik, A. V. Porsin, and V. M. Shmelev
Keywords: IR-burning device; metal matrix; radiating screen; catalyst

Cylindrical radiant burners with maximal radiation efficiency
A. S. Maznoy, A. I. Kirdyashkin, and N. S. Pichugin
Keywords: radiant burner; infrared burner; porous burner; radiation efficiency

Simulation of turbulent reactive flow by the large eddy simulation  method combined with the Monte Carlo method for calculating subgrid stresses
R. R. Tukhvatullina, V. S. Ivanov, S. M. Frolov, and B. Basara
Keywords: turbulent flows; Large Eddy Simulation; Filtered Density Function; Monte-Carlo method, mixing

Effect of thermal radiation on droplet combustion
V. Ya. Basevich, A. A. Belyaev, S. N. Medvedev, S. M. Frolov, and F. S. Frolov
Keywords: droplet combustion; thermal radiation; self-ignition delay; combustion constant

Influence of inert gas diluent on aluminum droplet combustion in oxygen mixtures
G. P. Kuznetsov, A. G. Istratov, V. I. Kolesnikov-Svinarev, and I. G. Assovskiy
Keywords: aluminum droplets; oxygen; argon; helium; combustion; aluminum combustion; combustion products;

Modeling of mixture formation and combustion processes in diesel engine  using a detailed kinetic mechanism of fuel oxidation
S. S. Sergeev, S. M. Frolov, V. Ya. Basevich, B. Basara, and P. Priesching
Keywords: diesel; computational fluid dynamics (CFD); detailed reaction mechanism; multistage self-ignition

Slow regime of flame propagation in the combustible foamed emulsion
B. V. Kichatov, A. M. Korshunov, A. D. Kiverin, and E. E. Korshunova
Keywords: flame speed; foam; emulsion; droplets; surfactant; combustion limits

Estimation of dimensions of bitumen softening region at thermal stimulation of its mining
N. M. Kuznetsov
Keywords: bitumen softening; coolant; spherical and axial symmetry; nonstationary and stationary thermal

New oxygen-rich furozanotriazoles
V. P. Sinditskii, T. H. Hoang, S. S. Semyakin, and A. B. Sheremetev
Keywords: 3-nitro-4-[1-(trinitromethyl)-1H-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl]furazan; 3-[(1-fluorodinitromethyl)-1H-1,2,4triazol-3-yl]-4-nitrofurazan; thermal decomposition; combustion; combustion mechanism

Kinetic features of phase transformations in organic high-energy substances
N. V. Chukanov, V. V. Zakharov, B. L. Korsunskiy, A. D. Chervonniy, and S. A. Vozchikova
Keywords: polymorphous transitions; high-energetic compounds; molecular crystals; calorimetry, IR spectroscopy

Blast waves generated by nonideal detonation of charges exploded with time distributed energy release
P. V. Komissarov, A. A. Borisov, B. A. Khasainov, B. S. Ermolaev, and A. A. Sulimov
Keywords: nonideal explosion; low-velocity detonation; composite energetic materials; blast waves; distributed

Patents of Interest


The following patents have been selected from the EPO database using the following criteria: "PUA12 >= 20180101" and selecting a few interesting patents in our field. In this case, this means all patents whose A1/A2 documents both have been published after January 1, 2018. Since patents can be filed towards different organizations, sometimes the data available in the EPO database (the version available for free online) is not the most complete. In that case an external link is used. 

How to browse the EPO patent list

There are different tools online to browse/search patents, for example google and the wipo. Here we will be using the EPO Patent information services for experts, from this address. It is possible to browse patents based on many parameters, inventor name, applicant/proprietor (usually a company), application date, etc. etc. In the future we will consider patents that have published their A1/A2 documents since the date of the last newsletter.

The definition of A1 and A2 are available here.

  • Basically when a European patent application is published together with the search report done by the agency, it is known as an A1 publication. When this application is published without the search report, it is an A2 document.
  • The search report is then published later as an A3 document.
  • When the patent is granted, it is published as a B document.

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