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Dear Colleague,

    Please find the first Eucass newsletter for Fall 2016. In addition to the usual materials, you will find enclosed a couple of communications directly from our Eucass about our upcoming events.

    The regular section about recently published patents of interest takes a hiatus this issue since we draw your attention to theretofore unreported news concerning the release of many NASA patents into the public domain.

JP Taran

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News from Eucass

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NASA releases some of its patents into public domain

News from Eucass

    The last Advanced Thematic Workshop on Fundamentals of Collisions of Fast Particles with Surfaces has been held in Aussois this September. 


    It had recourse to a novel way of treating the topic, by gathering leading specialists in completely different applications, ranging from detonation of energetic materials to reentry physics, plasma propulsion or tokamak confinement. All have recourse to very similar theoretical, experimental and numerical approaches and yet had so far never interacted with one another. In the end, exceptionally interesting lectures were given and scientific exchange was extremely lively and fertile.

    This workshop formula will  now be generalised to other cutting edge domains of interest to aerospace.


    Prior publications of the invited speakers and some of the presentations are available for registered participants at the event webpage. Not all the contributions have already been uploaded, so make sure to check the page from time to time..

ATW 2017

    Next year ATW (the 6th), on the other hand, goes back to the classical thematic of the previous workshops (2009-2011-2013-2015), focusing on the Fundamentals of Aerodynamic Flow and Combustion Control by Plasmas.


    You can find the first announcement on our website at the address


    For the first time the workshop moves out of France to St Petersbourg, Russia. The local organiser website is available at

Eucass 2017

    For the 7th edition of our main congress, registrations and abstracts submissions are open at the organiser website


    Abstracts submissions will close the 15th of December, for a conference that will highlight advances in aeronautics and space sciences in five parallel symposia dealing with aspects of:

  • System Integration
  • Flight Physics
  • Flight Dynamics/ GNC and Avionics
  • Structures and Materials
  • Propulsion Physics​


News from Journals

    For your convenience, starting from newsletter #10 we  provide for each article the keywords selected by the respective journal editor.


    At the same time, our newsletter editor or his helper is classifying the most interesting articles for EUCASS according to our areas of interest.


    You'll find below first the EUCASS classification with links to the proper article in the classical article list based on the different journals presented in this newsletter.


TsAGI Science Journal

Since Newsletter #19 (see the past issues on our website here) two new volumes have been published in the meanwhile:

  • Volume 46, Issue N.8 (toc available here)
  • Volume 47, Issue N.1 (toc available here)

For your convenience, the toc of the last issues is reported below:

Calculation of aircraft drag components in a transonic flow described by reynolds-averaged navier-stokes equations
Soudakov, Georgiy Grigoryevich
Pages: 1–13
Keywords: aerodynamic drag, transonic flow, aircraft, drag components, Reynolds equations

Estimation of the effect of free-stream turbulence and solid particles on the laminar-turbulent transition at hypersonic speeds
Pugach, Mikhail Aleksandrovich and Ryzhov, Alexander Aleksandrovich and Fedorov, Alexander Vitalievich
Pages: 15–28
Keywords: laminar-turbulent transition, turbulent oscillations, particles, N - factor, stability, boundary layer

Instability of the flow near a flat plate with an upstream moving surface
Gaifullin, Aleksandr Marksovich and Kiselev, Nikolay Nikolayevich
Pages: 29–39
Keywords: flat plate, moving surface, instability, drag

Differential pressure properties in viscous fluid
Golubkin, Valerii Nikolaevich and Korolev, Georgy Lvovich and Sizykh, Grigorii Borisovich
Pages: 41–49
Keywords: incompressible viscous fluid, Navier-Stokes equations, flow over a cylinder

Calculation of periodic viscous flows initiated by near-wall body force
Manuilovich, Sergey Viktorovich
Pages: 51–63
Keywords: viscous fluid, longitudinally-periodic flow, near-wall body force

Simulation of flow around half-model with high-lift configuration of the wing in conditions of cryogenic wind tunnel
Bosnyakov, Sergey Mikhailovich and Vlasenko, Vladimir Viktorovich and Kursakov, Innokentii Aleksandrovich and Matyash, Sergei Vladimirovich and Mikhailov, Sergei Vladimirovich and Quest, Jurgen
Pages: 65–83
Keywords: numerical method, experiment, validation, cryogenic wind tunnel

Numerical simulation of flow over the straight wing with ice shape on the leading edge
Pavlenko, Olga Viktorovna
Pages: 85–94
Keywords: icing, straight wing, computational fluid dynamics methods

Design of integral control algorithms for fly-by-wire control system of advanced high-speed helicopter
Kuvshinov, Vladimir Mikhailovich
Pages: 95–109
Keywords: high-speed helicopter, control system, stability and controllability, flight envelope protection


Journal of Aerospace Engineering

Since last newsletter, three new issues have been released:

  • Volume 230, Issue N.11 of September 2016 (toc available here)
  • Volume 230, Issue N.12 of October 2016 (toc available here)​
  • Volume 230, Issue N.13 of November 2016 (toc available here)

The toc for the last issue is reported below for your convenience.


Method for analyzing the effect of projectile impact on aircraft fuel tank inerting for survivability design
Pei, Y. and Shi, B.
Pages: 2345–2355
Keywords: Vulnerability,survivability,inerting,fuel tank,ignition

Estimation of feasible materials and thermal conditions in a trapezoidal fin using genetic algorithm
Das, R.
Pages: 2356–2368
Keywords: Inverse optimization,fin,genetic algorithm,material identification,surface emissivity

Measuring and solving real coning motion of spinning carriers
Zhang, S. and Li, X. and Su, Z.
Pages: 2369–2378
Keywords: Coning motion,spinning carriers,inertial measurement,circular motion,high dynamic

Numerical simulation of sgt-600 gas turbine combustor, flow characteristics analysis, and sensitivity measurement with respect to the main fuel holes diameter
Aligoodarz, M. and Soleimanitehrani, M. and Karrabi, H. and Ehsaniderakhshan, F.
Pages: 2379–2391
Keywords: Combustion chamber,SGT600 gas turbine,sensitivity analysis,numerical simulation,EV burner

Investigation of groove casing treatment in a transonic compressor at different speeds with control volume method
Zhou, X. and Zhao, Q. and Xiang, X. and Cui, W.
Pages: 2392–2408
Keywords: Transonic compressor,casing treatment,control volume method,tip leakage vortex,stall

Control of unmanned aerial vehicle formations using virtual structural approach and trajectory linearisation control method
Ogunbodede, O. T. and Huijberts, H.
Pages: 2409–2424
Keywords: Formation control,unmanned aerial vehicles,virtual structural approach,trajectory linearisation control

Adaptive estimation of attitude and angular velocity of malfunctioned satellites for on-orbit servicing
Yu, F. and He, Z. and Wu, Y. and Hua, B.
Pages: 2425–2446
Keywords: Autonomous on-orbit servicing,malfunctioned satellite,attitude estimation,adaptive estimator,stereo-vision system

Flow control with perpendicular acoustic forcing on naca 2415 aerofoil at low reynolds numbers
Ac kel H. H. and Genc, M. S.
Pages: 2447–2462
Keywords: Flow control,acoustic disturbance,laminar separation bubble,low Reynolds number,aerodynamics

Fast trajectory tracking of electromagnetic satellite formation with actuator saturation
Huang, X.-L. and Zhang, C. and Lu, H.-Q. and Yin, H.
Pages: 2463–2472
Keywords: Electromagnetic formation flight,finite-time control,input saturation,sliding mode control

Numerical simulation of ice accretion under mixed-phase conditions
Zhang, L. and Liu, Z. and Zhang, M.
Pages: 2473–2483
Keywords: Mixed phase,icing simulation,thermodynamic model,impingement model,ice crystal ingestion

Robust constraint backstepping control for high-performance aircraft with account of unsteady aerodynamic effects
Zhou, C. and Zhu, J. and Lei, H. and Yuan, X. and Wang, W.
Pages: 2484–2503
Keywords: Backstepping control,high performance aircraft,physical constraints,unsteady effects,state observer

Coordinated control of fuel flow-rate for a high-temperature high-speed wind tunnel
Cai, C. and Yang, Y. and Liu, T.
Pages: 2504–2514
Keywords: High-temperature high-speed wind tunnel,fuel supply,coordinated control,cross-coupling,fuzzy PI

Combustion characteristics in a supersonic combustor with ethylene injection upstream of dual parallel cavities
Zhong, Z. and Wang, Z. and Sun, M. and Wang, H.
Pages: 2515–2522
Keywords: Parallel cavities,flame,recirculation zone,combustion mode,Scramjet

Influence of mistuning on aerodynamic damping of blade in transonic compressor
Yang, X. and Hou, A. and Li, M. and Wang, R. and Li, J.
Pages: 2523–2534
Keywords: Mistuning,aeroelastic stability,flutter,energy method,aerodynamic damping,inter-blade phase angle

Experimental investigation on ignition enhancement of partially covered cavities in a supersonic flow
Cai, Z. and Sun, M.-B. and Wang, H.-B. and Wang, Z.-G.
Pages: 2535–2539
Keywords: Scramjet,partially covered cavity,baffle,ignition,flame propagation


Thermophysics and Aeromechanics


Since newsletter #19, Volume 23 Issue 3 has been released:

  • Volume 23, Issue N.3 of May 2016 (toc available here)

The toc for the this issue is reported below for your convenience.


Gas dynamics of a supersonic radial jet. part ii
Kosarev, V. F. and Klinkov, S. V. and Zaikovskii, V. N.
Pages: 311–318
Keywords: radial supersonic jet, cold gas spraying, pressure profile

Numerical simulation of the side pylon effect on the aerodynamic characteristics of models at their wind tunnel tests
Volkov, V. F. and Mazhul, I. I. and Zvegintsev, V. I.
Pages: 319–328
Keywords: supersonic velocities, wind tunnel, suspension of the model on side pylon, numerical simulation, aerodynamic characteristics

Conventional measuring probes in the wall layer of turbulent subsonic ducted flows
Zanoun, E.-S. and Öngüner, E. and Egbers, C.
Pages: 329–342
Keywords: hot wire, pressure probe correction, pipe and channel flows

Numerical study of shock wave interaction in steady flows of a viscous heat-conducting gas with a low ratio of specific heats
Shoev, G. V. and Ivanov, M. S.
Pages: 343–354
Keywords: three-shock configuration with a negative reflection angle, nonuniqueness of the numerical solution of the Navier–Stokes equations, transition between regular and Mach reflection, dual solution domain, viscous effects, interaction of shock waves with an expansion fan

Features of the dynamics of postdetonation waves
Gimaltdinov, I. K. and Arslanbekova, R. R. and Levina, T. M.
Pages: 355–367
Keywords: postdetonation wave, bubbly liquid, bubbles with explosive gas

Investigating hydrodynamic characteristics and peculiarities of the coolant flow behind a spacer grid of a fuel rod assembly of the floating nuclear power unit
Dmitriev, S. M. and Doronkov, D. V. and Legchanov, M. A. and Pronin, A. N. and Solncev, D. N. and Sorokin, V. D. and Hrobostov, A. E.
Pages: 369–378
Keywords: core, fuel rod assembly (FA), spacer grid, flow friction coefficient, hydrodynamics of coolant

Modeling the flow of liquid-metal coolant in the t-shaped mixer
Kashinsky, O. N. and Lobanov, P. D. and Kurdyumov, A. S. and Pribaturin, N. A.
Pages: 379–382
Keywords: liquid-metal coolant, non-isothermal mixing, experiment, temperature profiles

Numerical study of unsteady mhd oblique stagnation point flow and heat transfer due to an oscillating stream
Javed, T. and Ghaffari, A. and Ahmad, H.
Pages: 383–391
Keywords: MHD, oblique stagnation point, heat transfer, numerical solution

Numerical analysis of thermogravitational turbulent convection in a closed rectangular region with radiation source of energy
Kuznetsov, G. V. and Nee, A. E.
Pages: 393–401
Keywords: conjugate heat transfer, numerical modeling, natural convection, turbulence, Baldwin−Lomax model, gaseous infrared radiator

Unsteady boundary layer flow of a nanofluid over a stretching sheet with variable fluid properties in the presence of thermal radiation
Daba, Mitiku and Devaraj, P.
Pages: 403–413
Keywords: unsteady boundary layer, nanofluid, Brownian motion, Keller-box method, stretching sheet, thermophoresis, thermal radiation

Experimental investigation of heat transfer in a rivulet on the inclined foil
Cheverda, V. V. and Marchuk, I. V. and Karchevsky, A. L. and Orlik, E. V. and Kabov, O. A.
Pages: 415–420
Keywords: liquid rivulet, local heating, contact wetting line

Linear kinetic analysis of evaporation and condensation
Zudin, Yu. B.
Pages: 421–433
Keywords: mixing model, kinetic problems, evaporation, condensation, linear approximation, pressure and temperature jumps, abnormal and normal regimes of condensation

Entropy production in the flow over a swirling stretchable cylinder
Munawar, S. and Saleem, N. and Mehmood, A.
Pages: 435–444
Keywords: swirling flow, stretching cylinder, entropy generation, heat transfer

Phase composition, microstructure, and thermophysical and dielectric properties of multiferroic bi1−x dy x feo3
Khasbulatov, S. V. and Pavelko, A. A. and Shilkina, L. A. and Reznichenko, L. A. and Gadjiev, G. G. and Bakmaev, A. G. and Magomedov, M. -R. M. and Omarov, Z. M. and Aleshin, V. A.
Pages: 445–450
Keywords: multiferroics, rare-earth elements, bismuth ferrite, ceramics, structure, microstructure, dielectric and physical properties

Non-equilibrium carbothermic reduction of magnesium at the treatment of agglomerated particles “magnesium oxide–carbon” in the plasma jet
Solonenko, O. P. and Smirnov, A. V. and Chesnokov, A. E. and Poluboyarov, V. A. and Zhdanok, A. A.
Pages: 451–459
Keywords: agglomerated particle, magnesium oxide, carbon, carbothermic reduction, magnesium, plasma treatment

Control of the process of cooling of ceramic products with allowance for the constraints on thermal stresses
Morozkin, N. D. and Tkachev, V. I.
Pages: 461–466
Keywords: temperature field, thermal stresses, finite element method, temperature control

Experimental investigation of convective heat exchange in chamber furnaces at heat treatment of cylindrical solids
Biryukov, A. B. and Gnitiev, P. A.
Pages: 467–472
Keywords: low-temperature heating, double-sided airflow, air-cooling, heat transfer coefficient

News from Readers

A few of our ONERA readers are pointing out the last number (Issue N. 11 June 2016) of their AerospaceLab Journal. This is an electronic open access journal where the editorial board aims to keep an high publication standard.

This number is focused on Challenges in combustion for Aerospace Propulsion.

AerospaceLab Journal

Research Activity To Tackle The Challenges In Combustion For Aerospace Propulsion
F. Dupoirieux

Onera Test Facilities For Combustion In Aero Gas Turbine Engines, And Associated Optical Diagnostics
A. Cochet, V. Bodoc, C. Brossard, O. Dessornes, C. Guin, R.Lecourt, M. Orain, A. Vincent-Randonnier

Coria Aeronautical Combustion Facilities And Associated Optical Diagnostics
F. Grisch, A. Boukhalfa, G. Cabot, B. Renou, A. Vandel

Numerical Simulation Of Reactive Flows In Ramjet Type Combustor And Associated Validation Experiments
T. Le Pichon, A. Laverdant

Research On Supersonic Combustion And Scramjet Combustors At Onera
D. Scherrer, O. Dessornes, M. Ferrier, A. Vincent-Randonnier, Y. Moule, V. Sabel’nikov

Modeling Challenges In Computing Aeronautical Combustion Chambers
B. Fiorina, A. Vié, B. Franzelli, N. Darabiha, M. Massot, G. Dayma, P. Dagaut, V. Moureau, L. Vervisch, A. Berlemont, V. Sabel’nikov, E. Riber, B. Cuenot

Advanced Simulation Of Aeronautical Combustors
B. Cuénot, R. Vicquelin, E. Riber, V. Moureau, G. Lartigue, A. Figuer, Y. Mery, J. Lamouroux, S. Richard, L. Gicquel, T. Schmitt, S. Candel

Methodology For The Numerical Prediction Of Pollutant Formation In Gas Turbine Combustors And Associated Validation Experiments
F. Dupoirieux, N. Bertier, C. Guin, L.-H. Dorey, K.-P. Geigle, C. Eberle, P. Gerlinger

Measuring Non-Volatile Particle Properties In The Exhaust Of An Aircraft Engine
I. K. Ortega, D. Delhaye, F.-X. Ouf, D. Ferry, C. Focsa, C. Irimiea, Y. Carpentier, B. Chazallon, P. Parent, C. Laffon, O. Penanhoat, N. Harivel, D. Gaffié, X. Vancassel

Investigation And Modeling Of Combustion Instabilities In Aero Engines
P. Gajan, F. Simon, M. Orain, V. Bodoc

Recent Improvements In Combustion Noise Investigation: From The Combustion Chamber To Nozzle Flow
M. Huet, F. Vuillot, N. Bertier, M. Mazur, N. Kings, W. Tao, P. Scouflaire, F. Richecoeur, S. Ducruix, C. Lapeyre, T. Poinsot

Experimental Investigations Of A Low Emission Combustor Designed For Mid Power Gas Turbine
G. K. Vedeshkin, E. D. Sverdlov, A. N. Dubovitsky

New Combustion Concepts To Enhance The Thermodynamic Efficiency Of Propulsion Engines
M. Bellenoue, B. Boust, P. Vidal, R. Zitoun, T. Gaillard, D. Davidenko, M. Leyko, B. Le Naour

Recent Advances In Research On Solid Rocket Propulsion
Y. Fabignon, J. Anthoine, D. Davidenko, R. Devillers, J. Dupays, D. Gueyffier, J. Hijlkema, N. Lupoglazoff, J. M Lamet, L. Tessé, A. Guy, C. Erades

Hybrid Chemical Engines: Recent Advances From Sounding Rocket Propulsion And Vision For Spacecraft Propulsion
J.-Y. Lestrade, J. Messineo, J. Hijlkema, P. Prévot, G. Casalis, J. Anthoine

A Rocket Engine Under A Magnifying Glass
L. Vingert, G. Ordonneau, N. Fdida, P. Grenard

Numerical Simulation Of Cryogenic Injection In Rocket Engine Combustion Chambers
P. Gaillard, C. Le Touze, L. Matuszewski, A. Murrone

NASA releases some of its patents into public domain

    NASA has released recently up to 56 currently valid patents into the public domain to benefit the U.S. Industry.


    An excerpt of the announcement is the following:

By making these technologies available in the public domain, we are helping foster a new era of entrepreneurship that will again place America at the forefront of high-tech manufacturing and economic competitiveness, said Daniel Lockney, NASA s Technology Transfer program executive. By releasing this collection into the public domain, we are encouraging entrepreneurs to explore new ways to commercialize NASA technologies. 

    To search the database of NASA-developed technologies now in the public domain, visit:


    To learn more about the Technology Transfer Program, visit:


    It is not the first time that a major actor in some technological sector acts in such a way, even if the aims could be different.


    Last year Toyota announced to the world that everybody could use its over 5000 patents related to Hydrogen car without paying any royalty


    In the case of Toyota, the aim was to jump-start the development of Hydrogen powered cars: they depend massively from a distribution network of Hydrogen that is simply not existent at the moment. 


    Opening their massive patent portfolio to the competitors, Toyota hopes that other car manufacturers would follow suit and that a critical mass for the deployment of a vast distribution network of the combustible gas could be reached.


    In the case of NASA opening their patents is possibly a way to encourage even more the private sector to invest massively into space, in a moment where governmental subsidies are being reduced.

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