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Dear [FIRST NAME%%Colleague],

We wish those of you that are already on vacation or about to leave a pleasant holiday. As for the others, we offer some reading with this Eucass Newsletter number 19.
The usual review of articles in journals of interest is presented hereunder, together with the section of recently published patents on the field of EVs.

Last, please take the time to read the preamble on public policy, a civic responsibility for all of us.

Public Policy Announcement

We research scientists and engineers bear a great responsibility in developing innovative concepts to keep Europe’s aerospace competitive. We hold its future in our hands. Our responsibility also covers the indispensable dialog with decision makers in achieving enlightened use of taxpayer’s money and its proper allotment between blue sky research and development.


Eucass is partner to the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE), which “is an independent platform of European learned societies and scientific organizations whose aim is to promote mechanisms to support all fields of science at a European level, involve scientists in the design and implementation of European science policies, and to advocate strong independent scientific advice in European policy making.”


If you feel concerned, please contact me in order to discuss those issues and establish this constructive dialog with the European Parliament and Commission regarding aeronautics and space, and keeping contact with ISE.

JP Taran

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Make sure to report your own published innovative results and those of others to Stella Sauvan at the special email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


In this issue

News from Journals

News from Readers

Recently Published Patents of interest

How to browse the EPO patent list

News from Journals

For your convenience, starting from newsletter #10 we  provide for each article the keywords selected by the respective journal editor.

At the same time, our newsletter editor or his helper is classifying the most interesting articles for EUCASS according to our areas of interest.

You'll find below first the EUCASS classification with links to the proper article in the classical article list based on the different journals presented in this newsletter.

TsAGI Science Journal

Since Newsletter #15 (see the past issues on our website here) one new volume has been published in the meanwhile:

  • Volume 46, Issue N.7 (toc available here)

For your convenience, the toc of the last issues is reported below:

Influence of high-bypass-ratio turbofan jets on aerodynamic characteristics of high-lift wing
Petrov, Albert Vasilievich and Tretyakov, Vladimir Fedorovich
Pages: 619–629
Keywords: jet blowing, high-lift wing, aerodynamic performance

Optimization of the forebody of a supersonic flying vehicle configuration with a windward intake
Takovitskii, Sergey Alexandrovich
Pages: 631–646
Keywords: optimization, forebody, aerodynamic drag, pitching moment

Parametric description of the airfoil using combined polynomial functions for optimization applications
Nikolaev, Nikolay Vladimirovich
Pages: 647–656
Keywords: airfoil, parameterization, optimization

One solution of the navier-stokes equations: spherically symmetric point source in a compressible perfect gas
Kirillov, Oleg Evguenievich
Pages: 657–670
Keywords: bulk viscosity, irregular singularity, convolution, source, Navier-Stokes equations

Criterion to select optimum values of aircraft lateral static stability margin in landing approach
Desyatnik, Pavel Anatolievich
Pages: 671–686
Keywords: lateral static stability margin, transport aircraft, directional handling qualities criterion, flight simulator

Investigation of crack propagation process by measurements of local deformation response: i. actual stress field
Eleonskii, Svyatoslav Igorevich and Odintsev, Igor Nikolaevich and Pisarev, Vladimir Sergeevich and Chernov, Andrei Vladimirovich
Pages: 687–714
Keywords: stress intensity factor, T-stresses, crack compliance method, electronic speckle interferometry, local displacement measurements


Journal of Aerospace Engineering

Since last newsletter, three new issues have been released:

  • Volume 230, Issue N.8 of June 2016 (toc available here)
  • Volume 230, Issue N.9 of July 2016 (toc available here)​
  • Volume 230, Issue N.10 of August 2016 (toc available here)

The toc for this last issue N.10 is reported below for your convenience.

Integrated guidance and control path following and dynamic control allocation for a stratospheric airship with redundant control systems
Zheng, Z. and Liu, L. and Zhu, M.
Pages: 1813–1826
Keywords: Integrated guidance and control path following,dynamic control allocation,constrained quadratic programming,stratospheric airship,dynamic inversion

Observer-based guidance law against maneuvering targets without line-of-sight angular rate information
He, S. and Lin, D.
Pages: 1827–1839
Keywords: Missile guidance,maneuvering targets,line-of-sight angular rate estimation,finite-time convergence,adaptive super-twisting algorithm

Experimental investigation on the performance characteristics of a 2d trapped vortex combustor
Ezhil Kumar, P. and Kumar, P. and Mishra, D.
Pages: 1840–1847
Keywords: Gas turbine combustor,trapped vortex,emission,combustion efficiency

Junction-tree-based cooperative orbit determination for crosslink-augmented satellite constellations
Dai, M. and Mu, H. and Wu, M.
Pages: 1848–1859
Keywords: Cooperative orbit determination,satellite constellation,crosslink,dynamical Bayesian network,junction tree,decentralized data fusion

Modelling and control of an aerial manipulator consisting of an autonomous helicopter equipped with a multi-link robotic arm
Jimenez-Cano, A. and Heredia, G. and Bejar, M. and Kondak, K. and Ollero, A.
Pages: 1860–1870
Keywords: Aerial robotic manipulation,autonomous helicopter control,Integral backstepping

Distributed formation flight control of multi-uav system with nonuniform time-delays and jointly connected topologies
Xue, R. and Song, J. and Cai, G.
Pages: 1871–1881
Keywords: Formation control,jointly connected topologies,multi-UAV system,nonuniform time-delays,consensus protocol

Experimental investigation of aerodynamic performance of oscillating wings at low re numbers
Soylak, M.
Pages: 1882–1902
Keywords: Aerodynamics,laminar separation bubble,dynamic stall,aspect ratio,oscillation,mechatronics

On vibration behavior of rotating functionally graded double-tapered beam with the effect of porosities
Ebrahimi, F. and Hashemi, M.
Pages: 1903–1916
Keywords: Free vibration analysis,double tapered rotating beam,functionally graded material,porous material,differential transform method

Aerodynamic parametric analysis of an unconventional joined-wing aircraft configuration
Perez-Alvarez, J. and Cuerno-Rejado, C. and Meseguer, J.
Pages: 1917–1933
Keywords: Joined-wing,wind tunnel test,aerodynamic,induced drag,unmanned aerial system

Attitude and position determination based on craters for precision landing
Shao, W. and Gao, X. and Xi, S. and Leng, J. and Gu, T.
Pages: 1934–1942
Keywords: Optical navigation,planetary landing,craters,elliptic curves,Kronecker product

Enhanced predictive functional control based on equivalent input disturbance and generalized extended state observer for nonlinear systems with fast dynamics
Tian, J. and Zhang, S. and Zhang, Y. and Li, T. and Yang, H.
Pages: 1943–1963
Keywords: Predictive functional control,generalized extended state observer,equivalent input disturbance,disturbance rejection,nonlinear system

A new hybrid mechanism for dynamic wind tunnel test of high maneuverable air vehicle
Geng, X. and Shi, Z. and Cheng, K. and Li, L.
Pages: 1964–1974
Keywords: Hybrid mechanism,dynamic wind tunnel test,maneuver,high angle of attack,free-to-roll

Robust control of spacecraft rendezvous on elliptical orbits: optimal sliding mode and backstepping sliding mode approaches
Imani, A. and Beigzadeh, B.
Pages: 1975–1989
Keywords: Spacecraft rendezvous on elliptical orbit,optimal sliding mode control,backstepping sliding mode control,Lyapunov second method,fault tolerant

Study on the friction torque test and identification algorithm for gimbal axis of an inertial stabilized platform
Yang, H. and Zhao, Y. and Li, M. and Zhou, Y.-J.
Pages: 1990–1999
Keywords: Inertial stabilized platform,torque ripple,LuGre friction model,steady response,nonlinear force compensation

Norm-constrained predictive filtering for attitude estimation
Cao, L. and Li, H.
Pages: 2000–2006
Keywords: Predictive filter,attitude estimation,norm constraint



Thermophysics and Aeromechanics


Since newsletter #17, Volume 23 Issue 2 has been released:

  • Volume 23, Issue N.2 of March 2016 (toc available here)

The toc for the this issue is reported below for your convenience.


Development and testing of a numerical simulation method for thermally nonequilibrium dissociating flows in ansys fluent
Shoev, G. V. and Bondar, Ye. A. and Oblapenko, G. P. and Kustova, E. V.
Pages: 151–163
Keywords: ​numerical simulation, thermal nonequilibrium, dissociation, vibrational relaxation, shock waves, real gas effects

Effect of vgs on a turbulent hydrogen jet
Senouci, M. and Hibbo, H. and Hammoudi, B. and Kadi, M. and Imine, B.
Pages: 165–171
Keywords: co-flowing, hydrogen jet, tip vortex, turbulent, variable density

Numerical simulations of shock-wave interaction with a boundary layer in the plane supersonic flows with jet injection
Beketaeva, A. O. and Moisseyeva, Ye. S. and Naimanova, A. Zh.
Pages: 173–183
Keywords: supersonic flow, perfect gas, boundary layer, Navier−Stokes equations, shock wave

Longitudinal control of aircraft dynamics based on optimization of pid parameters
Deepa, S. N. and Sudha, G.
Pages: 185–194
Keywords:​ pitch control dynamics, PID controller, optimum parameters

Burning carbon monoxide in the settling chamber of a hotshot wind tunnel for obtaining the co2 test gas
Shumskii, V. V. and Yaroslavtsev, M. I.
Pages: 195–200
Keywords: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hotshot wind tunnel, settling chamber, test gas

Determination of integral turbulence model parameters as applied to calculation of rod-bundle flows in porous-body approximation
Vlasov, M. N. and Korsun, A. S. and Maslov, Yu. A. and Merinov, I. G. and Rachkov, V. I. and Kharitonov, V. S.
Pages: 201–209
Keywords: porous-body model, anisotropy, integral model of turbulence, three-dimensional simulation, heat and mass transfer

Dynamics of a cavitation bubble near a solid wall
Aganin, A. A. and Ilgamov, M. A. and Kosolapova, L. A. and Malakhov, V. G.
Pages: 211–220
Keywords: ​cavitation bubble, potential fluid flow, method of boundary elements

Evaporative cooling of air in an adiabatic channel with partially wetted zones
Terekhov, V. I. and Gorbachev, M. V. and Khafaji, H. Q.
Pages: 221–230
Keywords: direct evaporative cooling, heat and mass transfer, laminar flow, step boundary conditions, thermal and humid efficiency

Thermocapillary deformation of a water layer at local heating
Cheverda, V. V. and Fedorets, A. A. and Marchuk, I. V. and Kabov, O. A.
Pages: 231–236
Keywords: liquid layer, local heating, thermocapillary deformation, thermocapillary convection

Study of temperature fields in a rectangular plate with a temperature-dependent internal source with the aid of fast expansions
Chernyshov, A. D. and Goryainov, V. V. and Marchenko, A. N.
Pages: 237–245
Keywords: analytic solution, rectangular shape, temperature, variable internal source

Volumetric properties of near-eutectic liquid li–pb alloys
Abdullaev, R. N. and Agazhanov, A. Sh. and Khairulin, R. A. and Stankus, S. V.
Pages: 247–253
Keywords: density, gamma-method, lithium–lead alloys, melt

Enhancement of figure of merit of thermoelectric materials: a new theoretical approach
Sofi, A. H. and Abubakr, B. and Shah, M. A.
Pages: 255–260
Keywords: thermoelectric efficiency, thermoelectric parameters, extremum, saddle point, nanoforms

Thermophysical processes initiated by inert-matrix-hosted nanoparticles heated by laser pulses of different durations
Kalenskii, A. V. and Zvekov, A. A. and Nikitin, A. P. and Aduev, B. P.
Pages: 261–269
Keywords: melting, laser radiation, nanoparticles, gold, elements with nonlinear optical properties, pentaerythritol tetranitrate, hyperthermia cancer therapy, optical detonator

Circular radiation heat shields with temperature dependent emissivities: transient and steady-state analyses
Yu, H. and Li, X. and Hu, S. and Li, Z. and Chen, A.
Pages: 271–280
Keywords: circular radiation heat shield, transient response, steady state shield temperature, Heat transfer rate, temperature-dependent emissivities

Thermal calculation for a furnace with three-tiered near-wall burners
Vafin, D. B. and Sadykov, A. V.
Pages: 281–288
Keywords: ​radiation, temperature, heat transfer, combustion, turbulence, radiation chamber, heat flux

An effective approach to optimizing the parameters of complex thermal power plants
Kler, A. M. and Zharkov, P. V. and Epishkin, N. O.
Pages: 289–296
Keywords: coal power unit, optimization of parameters of thermal power plants, ultra supercritical parameters

Characteristics of pulse detonation engine versus ramjet characteristics
Egoryan, A. J. and Kraiko, A. N. and P’yankov, K. S. and Tishin, A. P.
Pages: 297–300
Keywords: pulse detonation engine, ramjet engine, thrust, specific impulse

A swirling jet with vortex breakdown: three-dimensional coherent structures
Alekseenko, S. V. and Dulin, V. M. and Tokarev, M. P. and Markovich, D. M.
Pages: 301–304
Keywords: swirling jet, vortex core breakdown, coherent mode, tomographic PIV, POD

Suppression of vortex core precession in a swirling reacting flow
Litvinov, I. V. and Nazarov, A. V. and Shtork, S. I.
Pages: 305–308
Keywords: acoustic sensors, laser Doppler anemometry (LDA), precessing vortex core, vortex burner with tangential feed

80th Anniversary of Ivan I. Gogonin
Pages: 309–310

News from Readers

A few readers pointed out that this year marks the 70th Anniversary for Onera, the French Aerospace Research Establishment: the Onera website has some interesting selected informations and pictures taken from their archives. Be sure to visit their pages dedicated to the event!


In neighboring Belgium, the von Karman Institute, 10 years younger, celebrates as well its 60th Anniversary


A couple of our readers have sent us word of some interesting events about a 260KW electric engine from Siemens used for the maiden flight of an aerobatics single engine plane Extra 330LE, and of MOU  between Airbus and the aforementioned Siemens for the development of Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems.


Meanwhile, the Solar Impulse 2 has just completed its world tour on the 26th of July without a drop of fuel, brilliantly marking the opening of a new era.

Recently Published Patents of Interest

Topic: Electric/Hybrid Engines for aviation

The following patents have been selected from the EPO database using the following criteria:  "WORD = hybrid engine AND WORD = aircraft AND PUA12 >= 20160101". In this case, this means all patents whose A1/A2 documents have been published after the first January 2016, with somewhere in the text "Hybrid Engine" and  "aircraft". Since patents can be filed towards different organizations, sometimes the data available in the EPO database (the version available for free online) is not the most complete. In that case an external link is used.

The reason of this short overview of patent of iterest is made by the introduction to this newsletter. 

See below a selected few. 

How to browse the EPO patent list

There are different tools online to browse/search patents, for example google and the wipo. Here we will be using the EPO Patent information services for experts, from this address. It is possible to browse patents based on many parameters, inventor name, applicant/proprietor (usually a company), application date, etc. etc.  In the future we will consider patents that have published their A1/A2 documents since the date of the last newsletter.

The definition of A1 and A2 are available here.

  • Basically when a European patent application is published together with the search report done by the agency, it is known as an A1 publication. When this application is published without the search report, it is an A2 document.
  • The search report is then published later as an A3 document.
  • When the patent is granted, it is published as a B document.

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