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Dear Colleague,

Starting from this newsletter we will add an experimental section of patent applications recently published at the European Patent Office of interest for our readers. These selected patents could suggests certain areas of research or could show how research has found way into everyday life.

Based on the feedback received, this section will be extended and/or automatized, at the beginning it will be mostly done manually.

In the meantime, please find some info about interesting publications that have been released since newsletter #14.

JP Taran

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News from Journals

News from Readers

Recently Published Patents of interest

How to browse the EPO patent list

News from Journals

For your convenience, starting from newsletter #10 we  provide for each article the keywords selected by the respective journal editor.

At the same time, our newsletter editor or his helper is classifying the most interesting articles for EUCASS according to our areas of interest.

You'll find below first the EUCASS classification with links to the proper article in the classical article list based on the different journals presented in this newsletter.

TsAGI Science Journal

Since Newsletter #14 (see the past issues on our website here) there  has been only a new volume published in the meanwhile:

  • Volume 46, Issue N.4 (toc available here)

The toc for this last issue is presented below for your convenience

Table of Contents (Volume 46 Issue N.4)

Congratulations to Sergei Leonidovich Chernyshev on his 60th birthday!
Pages: 307–308
Full Article

Modeling of the laminar-turbulent transition on a swept and straight wings with the use of numerical solutions of the navier-stokes equations
Vozhdaev, Valery Viktorovich and Kiselev, Andrey Filippovich and Sboev, Dmitry Sergeevich and Teperin, Leonid Leonidovich and Chernyshev, Sergei Leonidovich
Pages: 309–322
Keywords: low-level turbulence wind tunnel, wing, laminar-turbulent transition, computational fluid dynamics, turbulence model

Influence of small spatial perturbations of a supersonic flow on pressure and heat flux towards a cylinder surface
Egorov, Ivan Vladimirovich and Shvedchenko, Vladimir Viktorovich
Pages: 323–343
Keywords: small perturbations, pressure, heat flux

Special solutions for supersonic flow of an ideal gas around the v-shaped wing with flow separations
Tugazakov, Renat Yamilovich
Pages: 345–355
Keywords: V-shaped wing, ideal gas, vortex, separation, Richtmyer-Meshkov instability, Kelvin-Helmholtz instability

Correlation of flow in the hypersonic grad boundary layer
Ankudinov, Albert Leonidovich
Pages: 357–364
Keywords: hypersonic flow, kinetic boundary layer, Grad approximation, two-dimensional problem, thin body, translational nonequilibrium

Estimation of operating conditions of a mid-range aircraft auxiliary power unit with receiver inlet in turbulent flow
Bykov, Evgenii Petrovich and Kazhan, Egor Vyacheslavovich and Tretyakov, Vladimir Fedorovich
Pages: 365–393
Keywords: auxiliary power unit, receiver, flap, computational aerodynamics, SVS-2 wind tunnel, EWT-TsAGI software package, boundary layer, nonuniform flow stagnation

Heuristic model of nonsteady longitudinal aerodynamic characteristics at high angles of attack
Meleshin, Boris Alekseevich and Kuzmin, Petr Viktorivich and Shelyukhin, Yury Fedorovich and Shukhovtsov, Dmitry Valeryevich
Pages: 395–409
Keywords: nonsteady characteristic, angle of attack, nonsteady flow, pitch moment, lift force, flow downwash, identification

Thermophysics and Aeromechanics


Since last newsletter, Volume 22 Issue 5 has been released: 

  • Volume 22, Issue N.5 of September 2015 (toc available here)

The toc for the this issue is reported below for your convenience.

Famous researcher in mechanical engineering of the xx century
Maksimov, A. I.
Pages: 525–533

Aerodynamic characteristics of reentry vehicles at supersonic velocities
Adamov, N. P. and Kharitonov, A. M. and Chasovnikov, E. A. and Dyad’kin, A. A. and Kazakov, M. I. and Krylov, A. N. and Skorovarov, A. Yu.
Pages: 535–543
Keywords: reentry vehicle, separable rescue module,

Numerical modeling of the conditions for realization of flow regimes in supersonic axisymmetric conical inlets of internal compression
Gounko, Yu. P. and Mazhul, I. I.
Pages: 545–558
Keywords: conical inlet of internal compression, critical conditions of the realization of flow regimes, numerical modelling, supersonic axisymmetric flow,

Direct numerical simulation of transition to turbulence in a supersonic boundary layer
Kudryavtsev, A. N. and Khotyanovsky, D. V.
Pages: 559–568
Keywords: direct numerical simulation,

Testing a dual-mode ramjet engine with kerosene combustion
Levin, V. M. and Karasev, V. N. and Kartovitskii, L. L. and Krymov, E. A. and Skachkov, O. A.
Pages: 569–574
Keywords: dual-mode ramjet engine, firing tests, kerosene,

An experimental study of filtration characteristics of highly porous cellular materials
Mironov, S. G. and Kolotilov, V. A. and Maslov, A. A.
Pages: 575–583
Keywords: highly porous cellular materials,

Modelling of the process of fragmentation and vaporization of non-reacting liquid droplets in high-enthalpy gas flows
Arefyev, K. Yu. and Voronetsky, A. V.
Pages: 585–596
Keywords: fragmentation of droplets, high-enthalpy flow, mathematical modelling, two-phase flow, vaporization of droplets,

Numerical simulation of turbulent swirling gas-dispersed flow behind a sudden tube expansion
Pakhomov, M. A. and Terekhov, V. I.
Pages: 597–608
Keywords: numerical simulation, separation areas, solid particles, two-phase swirling flow,

Large eddy simulation of fine water sprays: comparative analysis of two models and computer codes
Tsoy, A. S. and Snegirev, A. Yu.
Pages: 609–620
Keywords: large eddy simulation,

Study of gas-water flow in horizontal rectangular channels
Chinnov, E. A. and Ron’shin, F. V. and Kabov, O. A.
Pages: 621–629
Keywords: flat channel, two-phase flow,

Modeling of two-layer liquid-gas flow with account for evaporation
Goncharova, O. N. and Rezanova, E. V. and Lyulin, Yu. V. and Kabov, O. A.
Pages: 631–637
Keywords: bilayer flow, convection, Dufour effect, evaporation, exact solution, Soret effect, thermocapillary interface,

Optimizing modes of a small-scale combined-cycle power plant with atmospheric-pressure gasifier
Donskoi, I. G. and Marinchenko, A. Yu. and Kler, A. M. and Ryzhkov, A. F.
Pages: 639–646
Keywords: fixed bed gasification of coal, mathematical modeling, small combined cycle plant,

Finding of parameters of helical symmetry for unsteady vortex flow based on phase-averaged piv measurement data
Litvinov, I. V. and Sharaborin, D. K. and Shtork, S. I.
Pages: 647–650
Keywords: helical vortex theory, PIV, processing vortex core,

Effect of physical properties of liquid on the outflow of the wall liquid film with the co-current gas flow from the nozzle into vacuum
Yarygin, V. N. and Prikhodko, V. G. and Yarygin, I. V. and Vyazov, Yu. N.
Pages: 651–653
Keywords: co-current gas flow, nozzle, outflow into vacuum, wall liquid film,

75th Anniversary of Vyacheslav N. Yarygin
Pages: 655–656


Journal of Aerospace Engineering


Since last newsletter, one three new issues have been released:

  • Volume 229, Issue N.14 of December 2015 (toc available here)
  • Volume 230, Issue N.1 of January 2016 (toc availabe here)
  • Volume 230, Issue N.2 of February 2016 (toc available here)

The toc for this last issue N.2 is reported below for your convenience.

Investigation of multiple-baseline stereovision for state estimation of unknown dynamic space targets
Jigalin, A. and Gurfil, P.
Pages: 207–233
Keywords: Estimation,computer vision,satellite dynamics,experimental validation,proximity operations

The dynamic similitude design of a thin-walled cylindrical shell by considering the strength requirement
Zhu, Y. and Luo, Z. and Zhao, X. and Wang, D.
Pages: 234–243
Keywords: Cylindrical shell,ultimate stress,distorted model,scaling laws,applicable size intervals

Micro-satellite angular rate estimation using second-order sliding mode observer
Pal, M. and Bhat, M. S.
Pages: 244–258
Keywords: Star sensor,micro-satellite angular-rate estimation,second-order sliding mode observer,pseudo-linear Kalman filter

Impact of finite element idealisation on the prediction of welded fuselage stiffened panel buckling
Ekmekyapar, T. and Murphy, A. and Quinn, D. and O zakca, M.
Pages: 259–279
Keywords: Stiffened panel,lap joint,buckling,compression testing,finite element modelling

Tool for preliminary structural sizing, weight estimation, and aeroelastic optimization of lifting surfaces
Elham, A. and van Tooren, M. J.
Pages: 280–295
Keywords: Wing weight estimation,aeroelastic optimization,adjoint sensitivity analysis,aileron effectiveness,finite element

Orbital rendezvous mission planning with complex constraints
Yu, J. and Chen, X.-q. and Chen, L.-h.
Pages: 296–306
Keywords: Orbital rendezvous,planning,space mission,scheduling; optimization

Adaptive nonsingular terminal sliding mode cooperative guidance law in active defense scenario
Zou, X. and Zhou, D. and Du, R. and Liu, J.
Pages: 307–320
Keywords: missile,guidance law,line of sight (LOS),nonsingular terminal sliding mode (NTSM),adaptive sliding mode control (ASMC)

Numerically and statistically stable kalman filter for ins/gnss integration
Liu, M. and Chang, G.
Pages: 321–332
Keywords: Inertial navigation system,global navigation satellite system,integration,Kalman filter,numerical stability,statistical stability

Terminal area guidance for reusable launch vehicles
Zhou, M. and Zhou, J. and Guo, J.
Pages: 333–349
Keywords: Terminal area energy management,guidance,ranging capability,tracking law

Performance investigation of a pulse detonation turbine engine
Jie, L. and Longxi, Z. and hua, Q. and Zeyang, X. and Xiaoyao, D.
Pages: 350–359
Keywords: Pulse detonation turbine engine,pulse detonation combustor,thermodynamic cycle analysis,analytical model,experimental investigation,performance

Layout and configuration design for a satellite with variable mass using hybrid optimization method
Fakoor, M. and Taghinezhad, M.
Pages: 360–377
Keywords: Satellite,orbital transformation,layout,simulated annealing optimization,configuration design

Tensor product model-based control of morphing aircraft in transition process
He, Z. and Yin, M. and Lu, Y.-p.
Pages: 378–391
Keywords: Morphing aircraft,tensor product model-based control,linear parameter varying control,transition process,parallel-distributed-compensation control,variable-sweep wing

Finite-time guidance laws for three-dimensional missile-target interception
Zhang, Z. and Man, C. and Li, S. and Jin, S.
Pages: 392–403
Keywords: Guidance law,three-dimensional missile-target interception,finite-time stability,nonlinear disturbance observer


News from Readers

A few of our ONERA readers are pointing out the last number (Issue N. 910 December 2015) of their AerospaceLab Journal. This is an electronic open access journal where the editorial board aims to keep an high publication standard. This number is focused on Plasmas for aeronautis.

AerospaceLab Journal

Plasmas for Aeronautics
D. Packan

Full Article

Plasma Aerodynamics: Current Status and Future Direction
J. Poggie, T. Mc Laughlin, S. Leonov
Full Article

A Short Review of Microwave and Laser Discharges for Supersonic Flow Control
D. Knight
Full Article

Numerical Simulations on the Effect and Efficiency of Long Linear Energy Deposition Ahead of a Supersonic Blunt Body: Toward a Laser Spike
P.Q. Elias
Full Article

Plasmas for High Speed Flow Control
R. Joussot, S. Coumar, V. Lago
Full Article

Numerical Modeling of Dielectric Barrier Discharge based Plasma Actuators for Flow Control: the COPAIER/CEDRE Example
G. Dufour, F. Rogier
Full Article

Applications of Dielectric Barrier Discharges and Plasma Synthetic Jet Actuators at ONERA
F. Chedevergne, G. Casalis, O. Léon, M. Forte, F. Laurendeau, N. Szulga, O.Vermeersch, E. Piot
Full Article

Mechanisms of Ethylene Flame Propagation Enhancement by O2(a1Δg)
T. Ombrello, N. Popov
Full Article

Experiments on Plasma-Assisted Combustion in a Supersonic Flow: Optimization of Plasma Position in Relation to the Fuel Injector
K.V. Savelkin, D.A. Yarantsev, S.B. Leonov
Full Article

Ignition of Lean Air / Hydrocarbon Mixtures at Low Temperature by a Single Corona Discharge Nanosecond Pulse
S. Bentaleb, N. Blin-Simiand, P. Jeanney, L. Magne, N. Moreau, S. Pasquiers, P. Tardiveau
Full Article

Recently Published Patents of Interest

The following patents have been selected from the EPO database using the following criteria:  "APP = airbus* AND PUA12 >= 20151001" and "APP = boeing* AND PUA12 >= 20151001". In this case, this means all patents whose A1/A2 documents have been published after the fist October 2015, filed by a subsidiary of the Airbus and Boeing groups. Since patents can be filed towards different organizations, sometimes the data available in the EPO database (the version available for free online) is not the most complete. In that case an external link is used (for example the third example in this list).

How to browse the EPO patent list

There are different tools online to browse/search patents, for example google and the wipo. Here we will be using the EPO Patent information services for experts, from this address. It is possible to browse patents based on many parameters, inventor name, applicant/proprietor (usually a company), application date, etc. etc.  In the future we will consider patents that have published their A1/A2 documents since the date of the last newsletter.

The definition of A1 and A2 are available here.

  • Basically when a European patent application is published together with the search report done by the agency, it is known as an A1 publication. When this application is published without the search report, it is an A2 document.
  • The search report is then published later as an A3 document.
  • When the patent is granted, it is published as a B document.

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