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News from Journals

News from Readers

News from Journals

For your convenience, starting from newsletter #10 we  provide for each article the keywords selected by the respective journal editor.

At the same time, our newsletter editor or his helper is classifying the most interesting articles for EUCASS according to our areas of interest.

You'll find below first the EUCASS classification with links to the proper article in the classical article list based on the different journals presented in this newsletter.

TsAGI Science Journal

Since Newsletter #13 (see the past issues on our website here) there  has been only a new volume published in the meanwhile:

  • Volume 46, Issue N.3 (toc available here)

The toc for this last issue is presented below for your convenience

Table of Contents (Volume 46 Issue N.3)

Self-similar and limiting solutions of turbulent boundary layer equations: conditions of d’alembert’s paradox
Mikhailov, Vladimir Victorovich and Samoilova, Nina Veniaminovna
Pages: 193–207
Keywords: turbulent near-wall flow, skin friction coefficient, relaminarization

Evolution of vorticity in swirling axisymmetric flows of a viscous incompressible fluid
Sizykh, Grigorii Borisovich
Pages: 209–217
Keywords: Navier-Stokes equations, swirling flow, method of discrete vortices,

Dynamics of a vortex spiral
Molchanov, Viktor Fedorovich
Pages: 219–229
Keywords: vortex filament, cylindrical spiral, conical spiral

Nonuniqueness of the solution in the vicinity of the plane of symmetry of a delta wing in a hypersonic flow with strong interaction
Dudin, Georgiy Nikolaevich and Nguyen, Phon Hai
Pages: 231–245
Keywords: boundary layer, strong viscous-inviscid interaction, delta wing

Active cancellation of the crossflow in a subsonic boundary layer on an oblique wing
Manuilovich, Sergey Viktorovich
Pages: 247–258
Keywords: incompressible fluid, boundary layer on an oblique wing, crossflow,

Design of fly-by-wire control system algorithms for advanced high-speed helicopter
Anikin, Viktor Andreevich and Animitsa, Oleg Vladimirovich and Kuvshinov, Vladimir Mikhailovich and Leontiev, Veniamin Aleksandrovich
Pages: 259–287
Keywords: high-speed helicopter, stability and controllability, control system

Some aspects of modeling a high-aspect-ratio composite wing-box by an anisotropic beam
Tuktarov, Sergei Aleksandrovich and Chedrik, Vasilii Vasil’evich
Pages: 289–305
Keywords: structural modeling, composite material, finite-element method,

Thermophysics and Aeromechanics


Since last newsletter, Volume 22 Issue 4 has been released: 

  • Volume 22, Issue N.4 of July 2015 (toc available here)

The toc for the this issue is reported below for your convenience.

Table of Contents (Volume 22, Issue N.4)

Methods of magnetic fluid synthesis (review)
Novopashin, S. A. and Serebryakova, M. A. and Khmel, S. Ya.
Pages: 397–412
Keywords: colloid solution, magnetic fluid, nanoparticles in carbon coating,

Control of turbulent boundary layer through air blowing due to external-flow resources
Kornilov, V. I. and Boiko, A. V. and Kavun, I. N.
Pages: 413–426
Keywords: control, turbulent boundary layer,

The effect of slot height and difference in gas densities for coaxial jets on jet mixing in constrained swirled flow
Shishkin, N. E.
Pages: 427–433
Keywords: constrain factor, gas concentration at wall, nonisothermal flows, swirled gas film cooling,

The model of heat and mass transfer in rough and irrigated ducts
Laptev, A. G. and Lapteva, E. A.
Pages: 435–440
Keywords: analogy, coolers, film, heat transfer, mass transfer, roughness, skin friction,

Fluctuation emergence of bubbles under a rapid drop of pressure in a liquid
Pavlov, P. A. and Vinogradov, V. E.
Pages: 441–452
Keywords: cavitation, extension, heat flux, homogeneous nucleation,

Peculiarities of the dynamic behavior of bubbles in a cluster caused by their hydrodynamic interaction
Gubaidullin, A. A. and Gubkin, A. S.
Pages: 453–462
Keywords: bubble cluster, heat exchange of a bubble with liquid, hydrodynamic interaction of bubbles,

Buoyancy effects in steeply inclined air-water bubbly shear flow in a rectangular channel
Sanaullah, K. and Arshad, M. and Khan, A. and Chughtai, I. R.
Pages: 463–473
Keywords: gas-liquid bubbly flow, mean shear velocity, void fraction,

Steam-water flow in geothermal wells
Shulyupin, A. N. and Chermoshentseva, A. A.
Pages: 475–480
Keywords: feeding zone, flow rate, hot-water reservoir, mathematical model, steam-water flow, well,

Experimental study of negative temperatures in lithium-bromide absorption refrigerating machines
Stepanov, K. I. and Mukhin, D. G. and Alekseenko, S. V. and Volkova, O. V.
Pages: 481–489
Keywords: coefficient of performance (COP), cold of low temperatures, lithium bromide, lithium-bromide absorption chiller, refrigerant,

Mathematical modelling of heat transfer process in layered materials accounting for phase transitions in individual layers
Lyubimova, O. N. and Pestov, K. N.
Pages: 491–499
Keywords: crystallization, melting, phase transition of the first kind, thermal conductivity,

The density and thermal expansion of dysprosium in the temperature range 110–1950 k
Kozlovskii, Yu. M. and Stankus, S. V.
Pages: 501–508
Keywords: coefficient of thermal expansion, density, dysprosium, solid and liquid states, the Neel point,

Thermodynamic analysis of marble from slyudyanka deposits
Engelsht, V. S. and Muratalieva, V. Zh.
Pages: 509–514
Keywords: heating, marble, melting, monolith, thermodynamic analysis,

Capillary waves at microdroplet coalescence with a liquid layer
Fedorets, A. A. and Marchuk, I. V. and Strizhak, P. A. and Kabov, O. A.
Pages: 515–518
Keywords: capillary waves, coalescence, condensation, droplet cluster, evaporation, liquid layer, local heating, microdroplets,

Effect of heater sizes on evaporation of a liquid film entrained by the gas flow in a microchannel with local heating
Kabov, O. A. and Kabova, Yu. O.
Pages: 519–522
Keywords: evaporation, liquid film, local heating, microchannel, numerical studies,

80th Anniversary of Vladimir E. Nakoryakov

Pages: 523–524


Journal of Aerospace Engineering


Since last newsletter, one new issues has been released:

  • Volume 229, Issue N.13 of November 2015 (toc available here)

The toc for this last issue N.13 is reported below for your convenience.

Please note, a new issue of this journal has been just been released, we will cover this in the next newsletter.

Experimental investigation of spray characteristics in model combustor
Yingwen, Y. and Longfei, D. and Rong, X.
Pages: 2351–2357
Keywords: Fuel spray characteristics,annular combustor,size distribution,image-processing technology,inlet parameter

Mathematical modeling and analysis of cutoff impulse in a liquid-propellant rocket engine
Shafiey Dehaj, M. and Ebrahimi, R. and Karimi, H.
Pages: 2358–2374
Keywords: Liquid propellant engine,cutoff impulse,shutdown process,mathematical modeling,unsteady

Cooperative attitude tracking control for multiple spacecraft using vector measurements
Zheng, Z. and Song, S.-M.
Pages: 2375–2388
Keywords: Cooperative attitude tracking,vector measurement,measurement uncertainty,time delay

Composite guidance laws using higher order sliding mode differentiator and disturbance observer
He, S. and Wang, J. and Lin, D.
Pages: 2397–2415
Keywords: Second-order sliding mode,higher-order sliding mode differentiator,finite-time convergent disturbance observer,missile guidance,line-of-sight angular rate estimation

A discrete-event modeling approach for the analysis of tcas-induced collisions with different pilot response times
Tang, J. and Piera, M. A. and Baruwa, O. T.
Pages: 2416–2428
Keywords: Pilot response time,TCAS,induced collisions,encounter model,colored Petri net,state space

Nonlinear robust adaptive trajectory tracking control for spacecraft proximity operations
Sun, L. and Huo, W.
Pages: 2429–2440
Keywords: Spacecraft control,proximity operations,trajectory tracking,nonlinear control,adaptive control,modeling uncertainties

Performance comparison between a conventional helicopter and compound helicopter configurations
Ferguson, K. and Thomson, D.
Pages: 2441–2456
Keywords: Compound helicopter,rotorcraft and performance

Finite-time attitude tracking control for spacecraft with uncertain actuator configuration
Hu, Q. and Yu, Y. and Li, B. and Qi, J.
Pages: 2457–2468
Keywords: Spacecraft,finite-time control,backstepping,terminal sliding mode,actuator configuration

Mechanism of intermittent failures in extreme vibration environment and online diagnosis technology
Guanjun, L. and Hui, Z. and Jing, Q. and Kehong, L. and Qinmu, S.
Pages: 2469–2480
Keywords: Extreme vibration environment,intermittent fault,cumulative damage,hidden Markov model

High-order extended state observer-enhanced control for a hypersonic flight vehicle with parameter uncertainty and external disturbance
Zhang, Y. and Jiang, Z. and Yang, H. and Cheng, J. and Zhang, W.
Pages: 2481–2496
Keywords: Extended state observer,feedback linearization,hypersonic flight vehicle

Analysis of topological characteristics in air traffic situation networks
Hongyong, W. and Ruiying, W. and Yifei, Z.
Pages: 2497–2505
Keywords: Air traffic management,air traffic situation,complex network,topological characteristic,air traffic complexity

Modified inverse-polynomial shaping approach with thrust and radius constraints
Wang, D. and Zhang, G. and Cao, X.
Pages: 2506–2518
Keywords: Low-thrust,shape-based trajectory,modified inverse polynomials,constraints

Investigation on the unsteady aerodynamics of cycloidal propeller in hovering flight
Tang, J. and Hu, Y. and Song, B.
Pages: 2519–2536
Keywords: Hovering,cycloidal propeller,numerical simulations,dynamic mesh technique,unsteady,aerodynamics

A parameter design strategy for seeker’s field-of-view constraint in impact angle guidance
Wen, Q. and Xia, Q. and Weixia, S.
Pages: 2389–2396
Keywords: Impact angle,field-of view angle,time-to-go weighted parameter,optimal guidance law,seeker

State augmentation-based iterated divided difference filtering
Liu, M. and Zhan, X. and Li, W.
Pages: 2537–2544
Keywords: State augmentation,divided difference filter,estimation,robustness,Gaussian distribution


Acta Astronautica

A few issues have been released since the last time our newsletter wrote about this journal sponsored by the International Acadeby of Astronautics. The last volume, currently in progress, is number 119 and it is due for February/March 2016 (see journal page here).

The toc at the time of this writing is reported below for your convenience.

Bending analysis of embedded carbon nanotubes resting on an elastic foundation using strain gradient theory
Akgöz, Bekir and Civalek, Ömer
Pages: 1–12
Keywords: Microstructures; Size effect; Carbon nanotubes; Strain gradient theory; Static bending

Design of geodesic cable net for space deployable mesh reflectors
Deng, Hanqing and Li, Tuanjie and Wang, Zuowei
Pages: 13–21
Keywords: Mesh reflectors; Geodesics; Dynamic boundary adjustment method; Geodesic cable net

Electrostatic spacecraft rate and attitude control—experimental results and performance considerations
Stevenson, Daan and Schaub, Hanspeter
Pages: 22–33
Keywords: Spacecraft charging; Spacecraft attitude control; High voltage experimentation

A study on simultaneous design of a hall effect thruster and its low-thrust trajectory
Kwon, Kybeom and Lantoine, Gregory and Russell, Ryan P. and Mavris, Dimitri N.
Pages: 34–47
Keywords: Hall Effect Thruster; Low-thrust trajectory; Simultaneous design environmen

Hypervelocity impact performance of aluminum egg-box panel enhanced whipple shield
Zhang, Xiaotian and Liu, Tao and Li, Xiaogang and Jia, Guanghui
Pages: 48–59
Keywords: Space debris; Spacecraft shielding; Hypervelocity impact; Finite element method; Numerical simulation

Robust mars atmospheric entry integrated navigation based on parameter sensitivity
Lou, Taishan and Zhao, Liangyu
Pages: 60–70
Keywords: Mars entry; Uncertain parameter; Parameter sensitivity; Desensitized extended Kalman filtering

Torque distribution of the integrated magnetically suspended inertia actuator for attitude maneuvers
Yu, Yuanjin and Fang, Jiancheng and Yang, Zhaohua
Pages: 71–78
Keywords: Torque distribution; Power-optimization; Inertia actuator; Magnetically suspended; Attitude maneuver

Dipole solution and angular-momentum minimization for two-satellite electromagnetic formation flight
Huang, Xian-lin and Zhang, Chun and Ban, Xiao-jun
Pages: 79–86
Keywords: Electromagnetic formation flight; Dipole; Angular momentum; Sliding mode control

Mass breakdown model of solar-photon sail shuttle: the case for mars
Vulpetti, Giovanni and Circi, Christian
Pages: 87–100
Keywords: Solar-Photon Sailing; Interplanetary shuttle; Sailcraft mass breakdown; Sail system model; Solar Irradiance; Thrust efficiency

An approximate model for pulsar navigation simulation
Jovanovic, Ilija and Enright, John
Pages: 101–109
Keywords: Pulsar navigation; Simulation; Approximation OD, Orbit determination; PN, Pulsar navigation


News from Readers


Our colleagues at the Commitee on Space Research (COSPAR) are organizing their 41st Assembly and to be held from 30 July 2016 to 7 August 2016, at the Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) in Turkey.

The Abstract Submission Deadline is the 12 February 2016, at the Scientific Program/Abstract Submission webiste hosted at the following address:

The early registration deadline is the 31 May 2016. You can register at the website of the local organizers at the following address:

Short Course of Atomization and Sprays

Our colleagues at the Center of Smart Interfaces (CSI), at the TU Darmstadt in Germany are organizing a short course of atomization and sprays from the 15th to the 18th February 2016.

This course is directed towards practicing engineers and researchers involved in R&D and the application of spray systems. For those with little previous background, the course begins with fundamentals of atomization and proceeds through theoretical, experimental, numerical and application topics.

The course website at provides all useful info including the registration procedure, below the course announcement.

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