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In the meantime, please find some info about interesting publications that have been released since newsletter #12.


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News from Journals

For your convenience, starting from newsletter #10 we  provide for each article the keywords selected by the respective journal editor.

At the same time, our newsletter editor or his helper is classifying the most interesting articles for EUCASS according to our areas of interest.

You'll find below first the EUCASS classification with links to the proper article in the classical article list based on the different journals presented in this newsletter.


TsAGI Science Journal

Since Newsletter #10 (see the past issues on our website here) there  has been only a new volumes published in the meanwhile:

  • Volume 46, Issue N.1 (toc available here)

The toc for this last issue is presented below for your convenience

Table of Contents (Volume 46 Issue N.2)

Numerical investigation of a steady viscous incompressible fluid flow over a family of elliptic cylinders
Korolev, G.L.
Pages: 87-105
Keywords: Navier-Stokes equations, elliptic cylinder, separation, numerical

Axisymmetric body at an angle of attack in hypersonic flow: heat problem
Bashkin, V.A. and Egorov, I.V. and Ezhov, I.V.
Pages: 107-121
Keywords: axisymmetric body, angle of attack, hypersonic flow, Navier-Stokes equations, numerical simulation, flow symmetry plane, aerodynamic heating

Characteristics investigation of 2d and 3d intakes of supersonic passenger aircraft
Vinogradov,  V.A. and Stepanov, V.A. and Melnikov, Ya.A.
Pages: 123-142
Keywords: supersonic passenger aircraft, 3D intake, flow rate, coefficient of pressure, drag coefficient

Parametric experimental investigations on the cross correlation of the pressure fluctuations generated by a cascade of “forward-facing step — backward-facing step” combinations
Golubev, Aleksey Yuryevich and Efimtsov, B.M.
Pages: 143-160
Keywords: pressure fluctuations, forward-facing step/backward-facing step combination, cross correlation

Measurements of deformation of the passenger plane wing in flight by the videogrammetry method
Kulesh, V.P.
Pages: 161-173
Keywords: aerodynamic wing characteristics, bending deformation, torsion,

Method of determination of rational design parameters using the finite element method
Kasumov, E.V.
Pages: 175-192
Keywords: numerical experiment, designing, strength, stress-strain analysis

Thermophysics and Aeromechanics


Since last newsletter, Volume 22 Issue 3 has been released: 

  • Volume 22, Issue N.2 of May 2015 (toc available here)

The toc for the this issue is reported below for your convenience.

Table of Contents (Volume 22, Issue N.3)

Regimes of two-phase flow in micro- and minichannels (review)
Chinnov, E.A. and Ron’shin, F.V. and Kabov, O.A.
Pages: 265–284
Keywords: flat channel, microchannel, two-phase flow,

Landau instability at liquid film evaporation
Zudin, Yu.B.
Pages: 285–296
Keywords: evaporation front, Landau problem, pulsations of mass velocity,

Determination of surface tension and contact angle by the axisymmetric bubble and droplet shape analysis
Marchuk, I.V. and Cheverda, V.V. and Strizhak, P.A. and Kabov, O.A.
Pages: 297–303
Keywords: contact angle, interphase tensiometry, profile of sessile droplet, surface tension, Young–Laplace equation,

Flow of polydisperse gas-particle mixture in a duct followed by coagulation in a nonlinear wave field
Tukmakov, A.L. and Bayanov, R.I. and Tukmakov, D.A.
Pages: 305–311
Keywords: acoustic resonator, coagulation of particles, explicit MacCormack scheme, motion equations for polydisperse gas-particle mixture, Navier-Stokes equations, nonlinear and discontinuous oscillations,

Numerical investigation of a standing-wave thermoacoustic device
Dar Ramdane, M.Z. and Khorsi, A.
Pages: 313–318
Keywords: acoustic power, CFD, stack temperature gradient, thermoacoustic device,

Shear stresses in turbulent pulsating channel flow
Goltsman, A.E. and Davletshin, I.A. and Mikheev, N.I. and Paereliy, A.A.
Pages: 319–328
Keywords: imposed flow pulsations,

Film cooling effectiveness with injection through circular holes embedded in a transverse trench
Pakhomov, M.A. and Terekhov, V.I. and Khalatov, A.A. and Borisov, I.I.
Pages: 329–338
Keywords: blowing through holes, film cooling, gas screen, numerical calculations, thermal effectiveness, trench,

Oscillations of physical pendulum with a cavity of elliptic shape filled with viscous liquid
Botalov, A.Yu.
Pages: 339–344
Keywords: cavity with liquid, plane oscillations, SIMPLER algorithm,

Volumetric properties of liquid k–pb alloys
Khairulin, R.A. and Stankus, S.V. and Abdullaev, R.N.
Pages: 345–350
Keywords: density, melt, potassium–lead alloys, thermal expansion,

Simulation of the flow past a model in the closed test section of a low-speed wind tunnel and in the free stream
Bui, V.T. and Lapygin, V.I.
Pages: 351–358
Keywords: blockage factor, mathematical modeling, test section, wind tunnel,

Development and application of noninvasive technology for study of combustion in a combustion chamber of gas turbine engine
Inozemtsev, A.A. and Sazhenkov, A.N. and Tsatiashvili, V.V. and Abramchuk, T.V. and Shipigusev, V.A. and Andreeva, T.P. and Gumerov, A.R. and Ilyin, A.N. and Gubaidullin, I.T.
Pages: 359–369
Keywords: combustion chamber, combustion process, noninvasive, optical-electronic, optronic equipment, ultra-violet (UV),

Thermal radiation of heterogeneous combustion products in the model rocket engine plume
Kuzmin, V.A. and Maratkanova, E.I. and Zagray, I.A. and Rukavishnikova, R.V.
Pages: 371–386
Keywords: computational experiment, heterogeneous combustion products, model rocket engine, optical properties, plume, radiation characteristics, spotlight effect, thermal radiation,

About the theory of initial stage of oil accumulation in a dome-separator
Gimaltdinov, I.K. and Kildibaeva, S.R.
Pages: 387–392
Keywords: dome-separator, oil accumulation, oil leakage at sea bottom,

75th Anniversary of Robert I. Nigmatulin
Pages: 393–394

80th Anniversary of Anatoliy P. Burdukov
Pages: 395–396


Journal of Aerospace Engineering


Since last newsletter, two new issues have been released:

  • Volume 229, Issue N.11 of September 2015 (toc available here)
  • Volume 229, Issue N.12 of October 2015 (toc available here)

The toc for the issue N.12 is reported below for your convenience.

A novel self-alignment method for sins based on parameter recognition and dual-velocity vectors
Liu, X. and Zhao, Y. and Liu, Z. and Wang, L.
Keywords: Strapdown inertial navigation system,self-alignment,gravity drift in inertial frame,parameter recognition and reconstruction,dual-vector attitude determination

Analytical modeling of a cyclorotor in hovering state
Leger, J. A. and Pascoa, J. C. and Xisto, C. M.
Pages: 2163–2177

A hybrid optimal backstepping and adaptive fuzzy control for autonomous quadrotor helicopter with time-varying disturbance
Mohd Basri, M. A. and Husain, A. R. and Danapalasingam, K. A.
Pages: 2178–2195
Keywords: Quadrotor,backstepping control,adaptive fuzzy control,particle swarm optimization

Combined outputs variance constrained and input variance constrained design for flight control
Oktay, T.
Pages: 2196–2204
Keywords: Constrained control,variance constrained control,OVC and IVC,flight control,helicopters

Performance investigation of extended-state-observer-based roll autopilot design
Sirisha, C. and Das, R. and Talole, S.
Pages: 2205–2220
Keywords: Roll autopilot,extended state observer,robust control

Effect of endwall vortex generator jets on flow separation control in a linear compressor cascade
Feng, Y. and Song, Y. and Chen, F. and Liu, H.
Pages: 2221–2230
Keywords: Compressor cascade,numerical simulation,active flow control,endwall vortex generator jets,Mach number

Pseudospectral control for 6-dof electromagnetic formation flying
Yue, X. and Chen, J. and Dai, H. and Yuan, J. and Hou, J.
Keywords: Electromagnetic formation flying,6-degree-of-freedom relative motion model,Legendre pseudospectral method,electromagnetic coupling,formation reconfiguration

Minimum sliding mode error feedback control and observer for satellite attitude control and determination
Cao, L. and Chen, X.
Pages: 2242–2257
Keywords: Sliding mode control/observer,attitude control and determination systems,feedback control,minimum sliding mode error feedback back control/observer

Preliminary design and experimental verification of a triple swirler combustor
Ding, G. and He, X. and Xue, C. and Zhao, Z. and Jin, Y.
Pages: 2258–2271
Keywords: Triple swirler,high-temperature-rise combustor,combustor design,lean blowout,fuel–air ratio

Evaluation of a force balance with semiconductor strain gages in wind tunnel tests of the hb-2 standard model
Vukovi ,  or e and Damljanovi , D.
Keywords: Wind tunnel balance,standard model,semiconductor strain gage,wind tunnel testing,HB-2

Aeroelastic analysis of light sport aircraft using ground vibration test data
Cecrdle, J. and Hlavaty, V.
Pages: 2282–2296
Keywords: Aeroelasticity,ground vibration testing,light sport aircraft,LTF regulation,FM-250 aircraft

Typical model design to measure aerodynamic coefficients in the presence of supersonic plume
Suresh, K. and Desikan, S. and Patil, M. and Raveendran, P.
Pages: 2297–2308
Keywords: Force measurement,supersonic plume,hypersonic wind tunnel,jet interaction

A spectral analysis of laser doppler anemometry turbulent flow measurements in a ship air wake
Bardera-Mora, R. and Barcala-Montejano, M. and Rodriguez-Sevillano, A. and de Diego, G. G. and de Sotto, M. R.
Pages: 2309-2320
Keywords: Laser Doppler anemometry,spectral analysis,air wake,turbulence,helicopter flight path,wind tunnel ship experiments

Highly constrained optimal gliding guidance
Zhu, J. and Liu, L. and Tang, G. and Bao, W.
Pages: 2321-2335
Keywords: Hypersonic vehicle,multiple constraints,no-fly zone,avoidance strategy,optimal guidance

Energy extraction from wind shear: reviews of dynamic soaring
Gao, X.-Z. and Hou, Z.-X. and Guo, Z. and Chen, X.-Q.
Pages: 2336-2348
Keywords: Dynamic soaring,wind shear,unmanned aerial vehicles,energy extraction process

News from Readers

A few of our ONERA readers are pointing out the last number (Issue N. 9, August 2015) of their AerospaceLab Journal. This is an electronic open access journal where the editorial board aims to keep an high publication standard. This number is focused on Life Prediction Methodologies for Materials and Structures.

AerospaceLab Journal

Introduction To Life Prediction Methodologies For Materials And Structures
S. Kruch, E. Busso

3d Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Investigations Of Fatigue Crack Initiation And Propagation
C. Déprés, C. Robertson, M. Fivel

Physically Justified Models For Crystal Plasticity Developed With Dislocation Dynamics Simulations
B. Devincre, R. Gatti

On The Deformation Heterogeneities Described By Crystal Plasticity
E. Busso

Experimental And Numerical Simulation Strategies For The Prediction Of The Macroscopic Behavior And Rupture Of Structural Materials Under Fast Dynamic Loadings
E. Deletombe, J. Berthe, D. Delsart, J. Fabis, B. Langrand, G. Portemont

Multiaxial Haigh Diagrams From Incremental Two Scale Damage Analysis
R. Desmorat, A. du Tertre, P. Gaborit

Fatigue Damage Modeling Of Composite Structures: The ONERA Viewpoint
M. Kaminski, F. Laurin, J.F. Maire, C. Rakotoarisoa, E. Hémon

Issues Related To The Constitutive Modeling Of Ni-Based Single Crystal Superalloys Under Aeroengine Certification Conditions
J. Cormier, F. Mauget, J.B. le Graverend, C. Moriconi, J. Mendez

ONERA’s Multiaxial And Anisothermal Lifetime Assessment For Engine Components
S. Kruch, P. Kanoute, V. Bonnand

Oxidation Assisted Intergranular Cracking In Alloy 718: Effects Of Strain Rate And Temperature
E. Andrieu, B. Max, B. Viguier

Thermodynamic Modeling By The Calphad Method And Its Applications To Innovative Materials
M. Perrut


The newsletter editors try to provide the toc of contents of each journal in the most uniform possible way. In order to do so, the information is not taken directly from the journal websites: instead the doi database at is used.

This database is queried by a script that requests the info in bibtex format, so the results are easy to parse and are homogeneous the ones with the others.

An example of a query for an article with doi 10.1134/S0869864315030105 is the following:

curl -LH "Accept: text/bibliography; style=bibtex"

The resulting text response is after analysed for some basic information (like authors, pages and so on), while for the keywords the original journal webpage is queried.

The process is automatised whenever possible, excluding obvious parts like the EUCASS classification that needs to be done manually.

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