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Dear Colleague,

   The ATW 2015 event has taken place and has been a great success. 60 participants from 14 contries have contributed to a successful 2015 edition. The success of this event will probably push us to dedicate more resources to the argument of low and hight temperature plasma flows. We will start dedicating soon some resources on our web site, and in planning some more activities in the future. 

Who participated in this event will shortly receive an email with some instructions on how to upload interesting and/or beautiful pictures to our servers to be put on display.

The Eucass 2015 event directly organized by Eucass is getting closer and closer, please visit the event website to have last minutes infos.

The complete list of past newsletters is available at the EUCASS website.

JP Taran

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In this issue

News from Journals

News from our Readers

News from Journals

For your convenience, starting from this newsletter we will provide for each article the keywords selected by the respective journal editor.

At the same time, our newsletter editor is classifying the most interesting articles for Eucass according to our areas of interest.

You'll find below first the Eucass classification with links to the proper article in the classical article list based on the different journals.




TsAGI Science Journal

Since Newsletter #9 (see the past issues on our website here) there  has been only a new volumes published in the meanwhile:

  • Volume 45, Issue N.7 (toc available here)

The toc for this last issue is presented below for your convenience

Table of Contents (Volume 45 Issue N.7)

Nozzle thrust augmentation under dimensional constraints
Takovitskii, Sergey Alexandrovich
Pages: 571–579
Keywords: supersonic nozzle, jet thrust, optimization, internal insert

Methodology and examples of numerical investigations of bodies with ducts at supersonic flow velocities
Voevodenko, Nina Vladimirovna and Gubanov, Anatoly Aleksandrovich
Pages: 581–598
Keywords: high-speed flying vehicle with air-breathing jet engine, numerical investigations, momentum theorem

Interference concept of aerodynamic design of effective hypersonic configurations
Lobanovsky, Yury Ioasafovich
Pages: 599–617
Keywords: hypersonic vehicle, wing, body, volume, waverider, lift, drag, lift-to-drag ratio, flow modes

Interaction of a supersonic jet heavy loaded by particles with a solid body
Molleson, Galina Vasilievna and Stasenko, Al’bert Leonidovich
Pages: 619–638
Keywords: gas-dynamic acceleration of microparticles, recovery coefficients of the velocity components, compressed layer, rotation of the bounced particles, chaotic particles and their diffusion, flux densities of mass, momentum and energy

Fuel consumption minimization for agricultural aircraft conducting spraying
Suprunenko, Stanislav Nikolaevich and Tang, Lam Thanh
Pages: 639–657
Keywords: agricultural aviation, aerial application, flight regime optimization, variational calculus

Experimental investigation of the aerogasdynamics of a vectored-thrust nozzle
Lavrukhin, Gennadii Nikolaevich and Skvortsov, Evgueny Borisovich and Talyzin, Vadim Alekseevich
Pages: 659–667
Keywords: turbofan, nozzle, thrust vectoring, subsonic flow, thrust losses, thrust vector angle


Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

Since last newsletter, two issues have been published, Volume 21 and 22. 22 has been released during the preparation of this newsletter, so it will be presented in the next one.

  • Volume 21, Issue N.6 of December 2014 (toc available here)

The toc for the this issue is reported below for your convenience.

Table of Contents (Volume 21, Issue N.6)

Mechanisms of distributed and localized excitation of unsteady görtler modes by free-stream vortices
Ivanov, A. V. and Kachanov, Y. S. and Mischenko, D. A.
Pages: 663–678
Keywords: coefficients of distributed receptivity, concave wall, laminar boundary layer, non-stationary Görtler instability, surface non-uniformity, vortical receptivity,

Aerodynamic derivatives of a cone with a semi-apex angle 20° at supersonic velocities
Adamov, N. P. and Kharitonov, A. M. and Chasovnikov, E. A.
Pages: 679–691
Keywords: aerodynamic derivatives, cone, damping decrement, free oscillations, frequency of oscillations, tests with force measurements,

Transformation of wing boundary layer in the filament wake
Mikhaelis, M. V. and Zanin, B. Yu. and Katasonov, M. M.
Pages: 693–700
Keywords: turbulent wake,

Boundary-layer structure in the flow around the cellular surface in a flat channel
Terekhov, V. I. and Smulsky, Ya. I. and Sharov, K. A. and Zolotukhin, A. V.
Pages: 701–706
Keywords: boundary layer, cellular surface,

Numerical investigation of the vortex core precession in a model hydro turbine with the aid of hybrid methods for computation of turbulent flows
Sentyabov, A. V. and Gavrilov, A. A. and Dekterev, A. A. and Minakov, A. V.
Pages: 707–718
Keywords: draft tube, hybrid RANS-LES methods, pressure fluctuations, unsteady flow, vortex core precession,

Modeling of reentry space vehicle aerodynamics with control thruster plume — free-stream interaction
Kashkovsky, A. V. and Vashchenkov, P. V. and Banyai, T.
Pages: 719–728
Keywords: DSMC method, exhaustion from the nozzle, interference, rarefied gas dynamics,

Formation of zno at zinc oxidation by near- and supercritical water under the constant electric field
Shishkin, A. V. and Sokol, M. Ya. and Shatrova, A. V. and Fedyaeva, O. N. and Vostrikov, A. A.
Pages: 729–734
Keywords: electric field, nanoparticles, oxidation, supercritical water, zinc oxide,

Criterion conditions for the formation of hollow microspheres from plasma-treated agglomerated particles
Solonenko, O. P.
Pages: 735–746
Keywords: ultra-fine particle,

Numerical simulation of the coal combustion process initiated by a plasma source
Askarova, A. S. and Messerle, V. E. and Ustimenko, A. B. and Bolegenova, S. A. and Maksimov, V. Yu.
Pages: 747–754
Keywords: coal, combustion, inflammation, numerical simulation, plasma,

Hydraulic drag at the condensing steam flow in tubes
Leontiev, A. I. and Milman, O. O.
Pages: 755–758
Keywords: condensation, friction, pressure loss, steam, steam content, tube, velocity,

Features of two-phase flow in a rectangular microchannel with the height of 300 μm
Chinnov, E. A. and Ron’shin, F. V. and Kabov, O. A.
Pages: 759–762
Keywords: flat microchannel, two-phase flow,

Generation of shockwave and vortex structures at the outflow of a boiling water jet
Alekseev, M. V. and Lezhnin, S. I. and Pribaturin, N. A. and Sorokin, A. L.
Pages: 763–766
Keywords: boiling water jet, shock wave, vortex structures,

Stagnation zone formation on the axis of a closed vortex flow
Naumov, I. V. and Mikkelsen, R. F. and Okulov, V. L.
Pages: 767–770
Keywords: confined vortex flow, counterflow, digital tracer visualization, nonstationary vortex breakdown,

Gas phase effect on characteristics of a precessing vortex in the axisymmetric hydrodynamic chamber
Vinokurov, A. P. and Shtork, S. I. and Alekseenko, S. V.
Pages: 771–774
Keywords: multiphase flows, swirl flows, vortex precession,

Diagnostics of swirl flow spatial structure in a vortex furnace model
Anikin, Yu. A. and Anufriev, I. S. and Shadrin, E. Yu. and Sharypov, O. V.
Pages: 775–778
Keywords: laser Doppler anemometry, vortex core structure, vortex furnace,

Simple approximation of total emissivity of co2-h2o mixture used in the zonal method of calculation of heat transfer by radiation
Lisienko, V. G. and Malikov, G. K. and Titaev, A. A.
Pages: 779–782
Keywords: approximation of the total emissivity, heat transfer by radiation, mathematical modeling, zonal method,

Journal of Aerospace Engineering

Since last newsletter, three new issues have been published. The june issue is just been released and will be analyzed for our next newsletter.

  • Volume 229, Issue N.4 of April  2015 (toc available here)
  • Volume 229, Issue N.5 of May 2015 (toc available here)

The toc for the issue N.5 is reported below for your convenience.

Combustion characteristics of a dual-mode scramjet injecting liquid kerosene by multiple struts
Yang, Q. and Bao, W. and Zong, Y. and Chang, J. and Hu, J. and Wu, M.
Pages: 983–992
Keywords: Scramjet,multiple struts fuel injection,fuel allocation,combustion characteristics,stable operation range

Optimal design of the volute for a turbocharger radial flow compressor
Mojaddam, M. and Hajilouy Benisi, A. and Movahhedy, M. R.
Pages: 993–1002
Keywords: Radial flow compressor,volute,optimal design,turbocharger,off-design conditions

Flow in the near air wake of a modified frigate
Bardera, R. and Meseguer, J.
Pages: 1003–1012
Keywords: Flight deck,frigate,wake,particle image velocimetry,pressure coefficient

Three-dimensional united biased proportional navigation law for interception of maneuvering targets with angular constraint
Yan, L. and Zhao, J.-G. and Shen, H.-R. and Li, Y.
Pages: 1013–1024
Keywords: Missiles,target tracking,guidance law,united biased proportional navigation,biased proportional navigation,impact angle,high-speed targets

Robust missile longitudinal autopilot design based on equivalent-input-disturbance and generalized extended state observer approach
Li, T. and Zhang, S. and Yang, H. and Zhang, Y. and Zhang, L.
Pages: 1025–1042
Keywords: Missile longitudinal autopilot,equivalent-input-disturbance,generalized extended state observer,disturbance rejection,robust design

A real-time algorithm for variable-objective motion planning over terrain and threats
Karimi, J. and Pourtakdoust, S. H.
Pages: 1043–1056
Keywords: Motion planning,multi-objective,dynamic optimization,variable objective,terrain and threats

Integrated flight/thrust vectoring control for jet-powered unmanned aerial vehicles with acheon propulsion
Cen, Z. and Smith, T. and Stewart, P. and Stewart, J.
Pages: 1057–1075
Keywords: Thrust-vectoring,unmanned aerial vehicles,nonlinear dynamic inversion,integrated propulsion-based flight control

Canard flow improvement in a split canard configuration
Davari, A. R. and Askari, F. and Soltani, M.
Pages: 1076–1087
Keywords: Canard,delta wing,downwash,leading edge vortex

A methodology for vehicle and mission level comparison of more electric aircraft subsystem solutions: application to the flight control actuation system
Chakraborty, I. and Mavris, D. N. and Emeneth, M. and Schneegans, A.
Pages: 1088–1102
Keywords: More Electric Aircraft,More Electric Initiative,electric actuator,electrohydrostatic actuator,electromechanical actuator

Fast terminal sliding mode control based on extended state observer for swing nozzle of anti-aircraft missile
Sun, L. and Wang, W. and Yi, R. and Zhang, W.
Pages: 1103–1113
Keywords: Swing nozzle,servo system,extended state observer,sliding mode control,anti-aircraft missile

An adaptive fading kalman filter based on mahalanobis distance
Chang, G. and Liu, M.
Pages: 1114–1123
Keywords: Adaptive Kalman filter,fading factor,Mahalanobis distance

Optimal online trajectory generation for a flying robot for terrain following purposes using neural network
Kosari, A. and Maghsoudi, H. and Lavaei, A. and Ahmadi, R.
Pages: 1124–1141
Keywords: Terrain following,terrain avoidance,trajectory generation,inverse dynamics,neural network,Levenberg–Marquardt,optimal control

Attitude aberration correction for space technology experiment and climate exploration (stece) satellite star tracker
Lai, Y. and Liu, J. and Ding, Y. and Gu, D. and Yi, D.
Pages: 1142–1153
Keywords: Star trackers,attitude determination,aberration of light,Euler’s theorem,low-frequency error

Effect of inlet conditions on compressor intermediate duct
Gao, L. and Deng, X. and Feng, X. and Yang, Z.
Pages: 1154–1168
Keywords: Compressor intermediate duct,inlet condition,inlet pre-swirl,inlet Mach number,inlet distortion

News from our Readers

We have received a recommendations about the following journal by Sergey Frolov. Below a little introduction.

The Journal of Combustion and Explosion publishes theoretical, review, and discussion articles on the research and development in the field of physics of combustion and explosion, chemical propulsion, applied mathematics and gasdynamics, thermodynamics, thermochemistry, nanotechnology, chemical engineering, power engineering, and others.

The journal is published in Russian. By a special decision of the editorial board, some articles can be published in English.

Topics covered include the following areas:

  • combustion and detonation of gases
  • combustion and detonation of heterogeneous systems
  • combustion and detonation of condensed systems

In Volume 8, n. 1 of this year (upcoming) you find the following articles in english:

Initial Stages Of Acetylene Pyrolysis. Formation Of Vinylacetylene
I. V. Bilera, Yu. A. Borisov, and Yu. A. Kolbanovskii
Keywords: acetylene; pyrolysis; vinylacetylene; mechanism; diradical

Detailed Kinetic Mechanism Of Oxidation And Combustion Of Iso-Pentane And Iso-Hexane
B. Ya. Basevich, A. A. Belyaev, S. N. Medvedev, V. S. Posvyanskii, and S. M. Frolov
Keywords: iso-pentane; iso-hexane; kinetic mechanisms; spontaneous ignition; multi-stage oxidation; flame propagation

Detailed And Global Kinetic Mechanisms For Surrogate Fuel
B. Ya. Basevich, A. A. Belyaev, S. N. Medvedev, V. S. Posvyanskii, and S. M. Frolov
Keywords: combustion; surrogate fuels; aviation kerosene JP-8; detailed kinetic mechanisms; global kinetic mechanisms

Database For Calculating Laminar And Turbulent Combustion Of Aviation Kerosene–Air Mixtures
A. A. Belyaev, V. Ya. Basevich, and S. M. Frolov
Keywords: combustion; surrogate fuel; JP-8; laminar flame database

Basic Model Of Combustion Of A Mixture Of Hydrocarbons And Its Parametric Analysis
V. I. Bykov and S. B. Tsybenova
Keywords: mathematical model; combustion of a mixture of hydrocarbons; parametric analysis; multiplicity of steady states; autooscillations

Experimental Investigation Of Self-Ignition Of Binary Methane Mixtures With C3–C5 Alkane Additives In Air
K. Ya. Troshin, A. V. Nikitin, A. A. Borisov, and V. S. Arutyunov
Keywords: ignition delay; binary mixtures; associated oil gas; methane; propane; butane; pentane; negative temperature coefficient

Surface Burning In A Volumetric Foam Metal Matrix With The Ceramic Coating
V. M. Nikolaev and V. M. Shmelev
Keywords: burning limits; radiation burners; surface burning

Combustion Surface Limits For A Volumetric Foam Metal Matrix With Ceramic Coating
N. Ya. Vasilik, V. S. Arutyunov, A. A. Zakharov, and V. M. Shmelev
Keywords: combustion limits; radiation burners; surface burning; radiation screen

Radiation Effeciency And Ecological Safety Of Infrared Metal Foam Burners With Ceramic Coatings
N. Ya. Vasilik and V. M. Shmelev
Keywords: surface burning; radiation burner; permeable matrix; ceramic coating; burning limit

New Processes For Low-Tonnage Conversion Of Hydrocarbon Gases
V. S. Arutyunov, V. I. Savchenko, V. M. Shmelev, I. V. Sedov, O. V. Shapovalova, I. G. Fokin, A. V. Nikitin, L. N. Strekova, A. I. Tarasov, A. S. Dmitruk and K. A. Timofeev
Keywords: natural gas; associated oil gas; GTL; syngas; matrix conversion; partial oxidation; oxycracking; carbonylation; oligomerization

Unified Kinetic Model Of Soot Formation During Pyrolysis And Oxidation Of Aliphatic And Aromatic Hydrocarbons In Shock Waves
G. L. Agafonov, I. V. Bilera, P. A. Vlasov, I. V. Zhil’tsova, Yu. A. Kolbanovskii, V. N. Smirnov and A. M. Tereza
Keywords: soot formation; shock tube; pyrolysis and oxidation of hydrocarbons; kinetic simulation

Homogeneous Pyrolysis Of N-Pentane Under Pulsed Adiabatic Compression
I. V. Bilera
Keywords: n-pentane; pyrolysis; ethylene; rapid compression machine

Investigation Of Combustion And Pollutant Formation Procesess In Cylinder Of A High-Speed Diesel Engine Based On A Three-Dimensional Model Of The Working Process
S. S. Sergeev and R. Z. Kavtaradze
Keywords: soot; NOx; diesel; CFD

On The Possibility Of Determining The Structure And Rate Of Gas Flow In The Rapid Compression Machine By Analysis Of The Motion Of Burning Particles
V. V. Leschevich, O. G. Penyazkov, and S. Yu. Shimchenko
Keywords: rapid compression machine; roll-up vortex; burning particles; visualization

Computations Of Flow In A Model High-Speed Combustor Using Different Kinetic Schemes
V. V. Vlasenko and А. А. Shiryaeva
Keywords: high-speed combustor; hydrocarbon fuel; low-temperature multistage self-ignition; flame oscillations

Simulation Of Flow In A High-Speed Combustor In Two- And Three-Dimensional Formulation
S. M. Frolov, A. E. Zangiev, I. V. Semenov, V. V. Vlasenko, O. V. Voloshchenko, A. A. Nikolaev and А. А. Shiryaeva
Keywords: high-speed combustor; hydrocarbon fuel; two- and three-dimensional calculations; experimental validation

Approximate Method Of Calculation Of Chemically Reacting Gas Mixtures Of Detonation Products
V. A. Shargatov, S. A. Gubin, and A. V. Krivosheev
Keywords: chemical kinetics; chemical equilibrium; products of explosion; numerical modeling of gas-dynamic problems in chemically reacting flow; stiff system

Pulsating Detonation Wave Investigation Using Shock-Capturing Methods And Calculations In Shock-Attached Frame
A. Lopato and P. Utkin
Keywords: pulsating detonation wave; mathematical modeling; ENO-schemes; shock-attached frame of reference

Experimental Studies Of Small Samples Bench Rocket Engine With A Continuously-Detonation Combustors
S. M. Frolov, V. S. Aksenov, P. A. Gusev, V. S. Ivanov, S. N. Medvedev and I. O. Shamshin
Keywords: continuous-detonation combustion; test bench; rocket engine; hydrogen–oxygen; methane–oxygen; Zel’dovich cycle; energy efficiency

Prediction Ability Of Reaction Mechanisms For Modeling Of Continuously Rotating Detonation In Propane–Air Mixture
D. I. Babushenko, V. I. Kopchenov, N. S. Titova, and A. M. Starik
Keywords: continuously rotating detonation; reaction mechanism; propane–air mixture; numerical simulation

Parametric Study Of The Influence Of Nozzle On Thrust Performance Of Continuous-Detonation Combustion Chamber
A. V. Dubrovskii, V. S. Ivanov and S. M. Frolov
Keywords: continuous-detonation combustion chamber; hydrogen; air; thrust performance; nozzle; numerical simulation

The Multicomponent Version Of Hmsa Closure For Co2, N2, And O2 Shock Hugoniots Simulation
A. A. Anikeev, Yu. A. Bogdanova, and S. A. Gubin
Keywords: HMSA; SCOZA; DFIET; equation of state; carbon dioxide; nitrogen; oxygen; shock wave; Hugoniots; fluid; Monte Carlo

Calculation Of Shock Hugoniots For H2 And D2 Based On The Theoretical Equation-Of-State Model
Yu. A. Bogdanova, S. A. Gubin, and A. A. Anikeev
Keywords: perturbation theory; shock Hugoniot; intermolecular interaction potential Exp-6

Approximation Of The Thermodynamic Properties Of Ammonia
A. V. Dubrovskii, N. M. Kuznetsov, and S. M. Frolov
Keywords: ammonia; thermal equation of state; caloric equation of state; single-phase region; two-phase region

Approximation Of The Thermodynamic Properties Of Acetylene
A. V. Dubrovskii, N. M. Kuznetsov, and S. M. Frolov
Keywords: acetylene; thermal equation of state; caloric equation of state; single-phase region; two-phase region

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