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 This newsletter #11 comes hot in the heels of #10 to cover a couple of journals that have been released during the preparation of the last one. 

 The Eucass classification is included as well.

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News from Journals

News from Readers

News from Journals

For your convenience, starting from newsletter #10 we  provide for each article the keywords selected by the respective journal editor.

At the same time, our newsletter editor or his helper is classifying the most interesting articles for Eucass according to our areas of interest.

You'll find below first the Eucass classification with links to the proper article in the classical article list based on the different journals.



Thermophysics and Aeromechanics


Since last newsletter, Volume 22 Issue .

  • Volume 21, Issue N.1 of January 2015 (toc available here)

The toc for the this issue is reported below for your convenience.

Table of Contents (Volume 22, Issue N.1)

Supersonic flow over paired compression wedges of different sweep installed on the pre-compression surface
Gounko, Yu. P. and Mazhul, I. I.
Pages: 1–15
Keywords: pre-compression surface, shock waves, side flow spread, supersonic velocities, swept compression wedges, three-dimensional shock-induced separation of boundary layer,

Evolution of wave packets in supersonic flat-plate boundary layer
Yatskikh, A. A. and Ermolaev, Yu. G. and Kosinov, A. D. and Semionov, N. V.
Pages: 17–27
Keywords: laminar-turbulent transition, supersonic boundary layer, wave packet,

Structure of turbulent separated flow in the neighborhood of a plate-mounted prism of square section
Valger, S. A. and Fedorova, N. N. and Fedorov, A. V.
Pages: 29–41
Keywords: turbulence, wind actions,

A quantitative study of the hydrodiode effect
Kuraev, A. A. and Semenov, A. B.
Pages: 43–48
Keywords: elastic volume element, flow rate coefficient, hydrodiode, inertial pressure, oscillations,

Hydrodynamics and heat transfer in a laminar flow of viscoelastic fluid in a flat slot channel
Ananyev, D. V. and Halitova, G. R. and Vachagina, E. K.
Pages: 49–60
Keywords: flat slot channel, heat transfer, hydrodynamics, laminar flow, mathematical modeling, Phan-Thien—Tanner model, viscoelastic fluid,

Numerical modeling of gas-liquid flows in mini- and microchannels
Guzei, D. V. and Minakov, A. V. and Pryazhnikov, M. I. and Dekterev, A. A.
Pages: 61–71
Keywords: control volume method, microchannels, SIMPLEC algorithm, two-phase flows, VOF method,

The approximate kinetic analysis of strong condensation
Zudin, Yu.B.
Pages: 73–84
Keywords: analytical solution, condensation flux, kinetic analysis, Knudsen layer, mixing surface, strong condensation,

Attainable superheating of the oxygen-nitrogen-helium solutions
Kaverin, A. M. and Andbaeva, V. N. and Baidakov, V. G.
Pages: 85–94
Keywords: additive approximation, homogeneous nucleation, solutions, spontaneous boiling-up, surface tension,

Electric-arc steam plasma generator
Anshakov, A. S. and Urbakh, E. K. and Radko, S. I. and Urbakh, A. E. and Faleev, V. A.
Pages: 95–104
Keywords: composite electrode, electrode erosion, heat fluxes, plasmatorch, steam, thermal calculation, volt-ampere characteristics,

Modelling of heat transfer in composite bodies reinforced with tubes with incompressible liquid coolant moving in laminar regime
Yankovskii, A. P.
Pages: 105–126
Keywords: composites, heat and mass transfer, liquid coolant, reinforcement with tubes, structural model, thermal conductivity,

Modifying structure and properties of nickel alloys by nanostructured composite powders
Cherepanov, A. N. and Ovcharenko, V. E. and Liu, G. and Cao, L.
Pages: 127–132
Keywords: carbide phase, grain structure, heat resistance, heat-resistant alloy, intermetallics, mechanical properties, nanopowders,

In memory of Albert P. Baskakov
Pages: 133–134

Journal of Aerospace Engineering

Since last newsletter, two issues have been released:

  • Volume 229, Issue N.7 of June 2015 (toc available here)
  • Volume 229, Issue N.8 of June 2015 (toc available here)

The toc for the issue N.8 is reported below for your convenience.


Radar track segmentation with cubic splines for collision risk models in high density terminal areas
Cozar, J. and Saez, F. and Ricaud, E.
Pages: 1371–1383
Keywords: Segmentation model,radar data,spline function,software tool,collision risk model

Estimation of simplified general perturbations model 4 orbital elements from global positioning system data by invasive weed optimization algorithm
Bolandi, H. and Ashtari Larki, M. and Sedighy, S. and Zeighami, M. and Esmailzadeh, M.
Pages: 1384–1394
Keywords: CHAMP,global positioning system,invasive weed optimization,North American Aerospace Defense Command,Simplified General Perturbations model 4,two-line element

Experimental investigation on the aerodynamic interaction between a helicopter and ground obstacles
Gibertini, G. and Grassi, D. and Parolini, C. and Zagaglia, D. and Zanotti, A.
Pages: 1395–1406
Keywords: Rotorcraft,aerodynamics,vortex interaction,particle image velocimetry,ground obstacles

Attitude dynamics and thrust control for short tethered sub-satellite in deployment
Liu, Y. and Zhou, J.
Pages: 1407–1422
Keywords: Tethered satellite,attitude dynamics,attitude control,thrust control,deployment

Analysis of strouhal number based equivalence of pitching and plunging airfoils and wake deflection
Khalid, M. S. U. and Akhtar, I. and Durrani, N. I.
Pages: 1423–1434
Keywords: Oscillating airfoils,pitching and plunging equivalence,nonlinear interaction,wake deflection

Multi-objective trajectory planning over terrain using label-setting greedy-based algorithm
Zardashti, R. and Nikkhah, A. and Yazdanpanah, M.
Pages: 1435–1453
Keywords: Terrain following/threat avoidance,trajectory planning,network flow,label-setting,greedy approach,multi-objective optimization

Validation of an actuator disk model for numerical simulation of propeller
Li, B. and Lu, H. and Deng, S.
Pages: 1454–1463
Keywords: Actuator disk model,propeller,numerical simulation,validation,computational fluid dynamics,blade element theory,thrust,torque

Development of a tool to study aircraft trajectory optimisation in the presence of icing conditions
Shinkafi, A. and Lawson, C.
Pages: 1464–1484
Keywords: Aircraft icing,anti-icing simulation,icing conditions,trajectory optimisation,ice protection system design

Mechanical concept of w-wing whirl flutter aeroelastic demonstrator
Cecrdle, J. and Malecek, J.
Pages: 1485–1494
Keywords: Aeroelasticity,flutter,whirl flutter,aeroelastic experiment,W-WING demonstrator

Performance investigation of a supersonic air intake in the presence of the boundary layer suction
Soltani, M. and Sepahi Younsi, J. and Daliri, A.
Pages: 1495–1509
Keywords: Supersonic intake,boundary layer suction,intake performance,total pressure recovery,mass flow ratio,flow distortion

Spacecraft attitude dynamics simulator actuated by cold gas propulsion system
Mirshams, M. and Taei, H. and Ghobadi, M. and Haghi, H.
Pages: 1510–1530
Keywords: Spacecraft simulator,attitude dynamics,air-bearing,cold gas thruster,pulse width pulse frequency modulator

Numerical investigation of flow upstream of a circular cylinder mounted vertically over a flat plate with gap
Khan, O. U. and Javed Khan, M.
Pages: 1531–1542
Keywords: Vertically mounted cylinder,vortex structure system,horseshoe vortex,tip gap flow,computational fluid dynamics

Multiple failure prognosis of landing gear retraction/extension system based on h_inf filtering
Chen, J. and Ma, C. and Song, D.
Pages: 1543–1555
Keywords: Time to failure,stochastic filtering,landing gear,multiple failure modes


Acta Astronautica


A few issues have been published recently. Volumes 113 and 114 are in progress, while volume 112 is out.

  • Volume 112, August 2015 (toc available here)

The toc for the this issue is reported below for your convenience.

Incorporating the evolution of multi-body orbits into the trajectory trade space and design process
Haapala, Amanda F. and Howell, Kathleen C. and Folta, David C.
Pages: 1–18
Keywords: Circular restricted three-body problem; Poincare maps; Invariant manifolds; Libration point orbits

Experimental and theoretical investigation of water removal from dmaz liquid fuel by an adsorption process
Ghanbari, Shahram and Vaferi, Behzad
Pages: 19–28
Keywords: DMAZ liquid fuel; Purification; Water sorption; Artificial neural network; Optimal MLPNN

The morphology, physiology and nutritional quality of lettuce grown under hypobaria and hypoxia
Tang, Yongkang and Gao, Feng and Guo, Shuangsheng and Li, Fang
Pages: 29–36
Keywords: Hypobaria; Hypoxia; Stress resistance; Nutritional quality

Ten-year transient luminous events and earth observations of formosat-2
Chern, Rock Jeng-Shing and Lin, Shin-Fa and Wu, An-Ming
Pages: 37–47
Keywords: FORMOSAT-2; ISUAL; Transient luminous event; RSI; Blue jet; Gigantic jet

Vibrational convection of heat-generating fluid in a rotating horizontal cylinder. the role of relative cavity length
Kozlov, V.G. and Ivanova, A.A. and Vjatkin, A.A. and Sabirov, R.R.
Pages: 48–55
Keywords: Vibrational convection; Internal heat release; Rotation; Inertial waves; Stability; Heat transfer

An approach to ground based space surveillance of geostationary on-orbit servicing operations
Scott, Robert (Lauchie) and Ellery, Alex
Pages: 56–68
Keywords: Satellite tracking; Space surveillance; Space situational awareness; On-orbit servicing; Differential angles tracking

Cubesat in-situ degradation detector (cidd)
Rievers, Benny and Milke, Alexander and Salden, Daniel
Pages: 69–76
Keywords: Surface degradation; Thermal modeling; Nano-satellites; Material science

Trajectory planning of free-floating space robot using particle swarm optimization (pso)
Wang, Mingming and Luo, Jianjun and Walter, Ulrich
Pages: 77–88
Keywords: Trajectory planning; Free-floating; Bezier curve; Particle Swarm Optimization

Numerical analysis of real gas mhd flow on two-dimensional self-field mpd thrusters
Xisto, Carlos M. and Páscoa, José C. and Oliveira, Paulo J.
Pages: 89–101
Keywords: MHD; AUSM-MHD; MHD; PISO; Self-field MPD; Real-gas

Demonstration designs for the remediation of space debris from the international space station
Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu and Quinn, Mark N. and Wada, Satoshi and Piotrowski, Lech Wiktor and Takizawa, Yoshiyuki and Casolino, Marco and Bertaina, Mario E. and Gorodetzky, Philippe and Parizot, Etienne and Tajima, Toshiki and et al.
Pages: 102–113
Keywords: Space debris; Laser ablation; International Space Station

Establishing cycler trajectories between earth and mars
Rogers, Blake A. and Hughes, Kyle M. and Longuski, James M. and Aldrin, Buzz
Pages: 114–125
Keywords: Cycling trajectories; Mars cyclers; VinftyVinfty leveraging; Low thrust

Fluid–structure interaction study of the splitter plate in a tbcc exhaust system during mode transition phase
Guo, Shuai and Xu, Jinglei and Mo, Jianwei and Gu, Rui and Pang, Lina
Pages: 126–139
Keywords: Fluid-structure interaction; Loosely-coupled CFD/CSD method; TBCC exhaust system; Aeroelasticity; Unsteady aerodynamics

A novel unscented predictive filter for relative position and attitude estimation of satellite formation
Cao, Lu and Chen, Xiaoqian and Misra, Arun K.
Pages: 140–157
Keywords: Satellite formation; Unscented predictive filter; Coupled dynamics; Relative position and attitude; Estimation

An overnight habitat for expanding lunar surface exploration
Schreiner, Samuel S. and Setterfield, Timothy P. and Roberson, Daniel R. and Putbrese, Benjamin and Kotowick, Kyle and Vanegas, Morris D. and Curry, Mike and Geiger, Lynn M. and Barmore, David and Foley, Jordan J. and et al.
Pages: 158–170
Keywords: Lunar surface exploration; Inflatable habitat; Environmental Control and Life Support System; Systems engineering; Lunar thermal modeling; Human space exploration

The future of cryogenic propulsion
Palerm, S. and Bonhomme, C. and Guelou, Y. and Chopinet, J.N. and Danous, P.
Pages: 166–173
Keywords: Liquid propulsion; Research and technology; Rocket engine; Demonstrator

Spaceflight-relevant stem education and outreach: social goals and priorities
Caldwell, Barrett S.
Pages: 174–181
Keywords: Hierarchy of needs; Public awareness of STEM; Multi-disciplinary research; Knowledge sharing; STEM education; Team coordination About ScienceDirect Contact and support Terms and conditions Privacy policy

Energy release properties of amorphous boron and boron-based propellant primary combustion products
Liang, Daolun and Liu, Jianzhong and Xiao, Jinwu and Xi, Jianfei and Wang, Yang and Zhang, Yanwei and Zhou, Junhu
Pages: 182–191
Keywords: Boron-based fuel-rich propellant primary combustion products; Amorphous boron; Energy release properties; Laser ignition; Thermal oxidation

Magnetic plasma deorbit system for nano- and micro-satellites using magnetic torquer interference with space plasma in low earth orbit
Inamori, Takaya and Kawashima, Rei and Saisutjarit, Phongsatorn and Sako, Nobutada and Ohsaki, Hiroyuki
Pages: 192–199
Keywords: Nano- and micro-satellites; Deorbit; Space plasma; Magnetic torquers; Magnetic plasma deorbit

Experimental investigation of flow through planar double divergent nozzles
Arora, Rajat and Vaidyanathan, Aravind
Pages: 200–216

News from Readers

A few of our Onera readers are pointing out the last number (12/2014) of their AerospaceLab Journal. This is an electronic open access journal where the editorial board aims to keep an high publication standard. This number is focused on Aerial Robotics. With all the news regarding drones and UAVs, this number is still actual and interesting.

AerospaceLab Journal

Aerial Robotics: A Bird’S-Eye View
P. Morin, P. Bidaud

Robust Control Design Over Large Flight Envelopes: A Promising Approach For Aerial Robotics
J.-M. Biannic, L. Burlion, H. de Plinval

Towards Modular And Certified Avionics For Uav
F. Boniol, V. Wiels

Optic Flow-Based Control And Navigation Of Mini Aerial Vehicles
I. Fantoni, G. Sanahuja

Introduction To Nonlinear Attitude Estimation For Aerial Robotic Systems
M.-D. Hua, G. Ducard, T. Hamel, R. Mahony

Long Endurance Autonomous Flight For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
N. Lawrance, J. Acevedo, J. Chung, J. Nguyen, D. Wilson, S. Sukkarieh

Accelerometers On Quadrotors: What Do They Really Measure?
P. Martin

Control And Estimation Algorithms For The Stabilization Of Vtol Uavs From Mono-Camera Measurements
H. de Plinval, A. Eudes, P. Morin

Nonlinear Feedback Control Of Vtol Uavs
D.Pucci, M.-D. Hua, P. Morin, T. Hamel, C. Samson

3dscan: Online Ego-Localization And Environment Mapping For Micro Aerial Vehicles
M. Sanfourche, A. Plyer, A. Bernard-Brunel, G. Le Besnerais

Rotary Wings Uavs Presizing: Past And Present Methodological Approaches At Onera
P.-M. Basset, A. Tremolet, T. Lefebvre

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