Newsletter #8

Words From The Editor

Dear Colleague,

The year is fast coming to an end; please remember to keep an eye on our two upcoming events while preparing for your festivities:

  • ATW 2015:This advanced workshop on plasmas for flow and combustion control is well established and attracts the leading scientists in the field. Registration fee and programme of invited lectures will be posted within the next 48h. Attendance is limited so please register early.
  • EUCASS 2015: Since 2005, this conference is the premier aerospace conference for Europeans. It will be attended by all major Industry and Agency leaders. Deadlines are fast approaching.

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JP Taran

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In this issue

News from Journals

News from Journals

TsAGI Science Journal

Since Newsletter #7 (see the past issues on our website here) there have not been no new issues of the TsAGI Science Journal.

We attract attention on the following forthcoming articles:

Analytical solutions of space flight equations with low thrust
V.V. Laricheva

Effect of external unsteady thermal perturbations on the aircraft engine stability
L.D. Kolesinsky

Investigation of the flow ahead of the throat cross section of an ideal sonic nozzle
S.V. Yagudin

Experimental investigation of integral propulsion system performance for a blended-wing-body configuration
V.I. Vasiliev, G.N. Lavrukhin, V.V. Lazarev, G.P. Noskov, V.A. Talyzin

Effects of mass transfer on propagation of disturbances in a hypersonic flow over the wing with point of inflection of a leading edge
G.N. Dudin, A.V. Ledovskiy

Comparison of results of calculation of laminar-turbulent transition position on a wing using various turbulence models
V.V. Vozhdaev, A.F. Kiselev, D.S. Sboev, L.L. Teperin, S.L. Chernyshev

About a geometric genotype of shapes of airfoils
A.A. Nikolsky

Investigations of an air-breathing engine/airframe integrated vehicle
A.A. Gubanov, D.Yu. Gusev

Experimental investigations of resonant aero-acoustic excitation of cavity depth modes by a flow
A.Yu. Golubev, B.M. Efimtsov

To the 110th anniversary of Aleksandr Ivanovich Makarevskii
S.L. Chernyshev

Simulation of periodic vortical structures in the airfoil wake
P.A. Baranov, S. V. Guvernyuk, S. A. Isaev, A. G. Soudakov, A. E. Usachov

Ground testing of the launch vehicle acoustics
Yu.M Lipnitskii, A.V. Safronov

Calculation method for unsteady aerodynamic blade row interaction in multistage turbomachine
A.A. Osipov, A.A. Rossikhin

Development of a methodology for propeller noise calculation on high-performance computers
V. F. Kopiev, V.A. Titarev, I. V. Belyaev

Complex of algorithms and programs for calculation of aircraft noise
V.G. Dmitriev, V.F. Samokhin

The study of durability for isotropic plates under wideband acoustic loading with different types of spatial correlation functions
S.L. Denisov, A.L. Medvedskii, G.V. Paranin

Examples of numerical simulation of complex turbulent flows and accompanying problems
S.Yu. KRASHENINNIKOV, D.A. Lyubimov, A.K. Mironov, D.E. Pudovikov, P.D. Toktaliev

Effect of vortex generators on the direction diagram of acoustic emission of superspnic jets
V.I. Zapryagaev, N.P. Kiselev, D.A. Gubanov

High-resolution rans/iles method for complex turbulent jets
L.A. Bendersky, D.A. Lyubimov

Vladimir Vasilievich Struminskii To the 100th anniversary
S.L. Chernyshev

To the readers
I.V. Egorov


Thermophysics and Aeromechanics






Since last newsletter, a new issue has been published.

  • Volume 21, Issue N.4 of August 2014 (toc available here)

The toc for the current issue is reported below for your convenience.

Table of Contents (Volume 21, Issue N.4)

Stability of the laminar flow on a body of revolution at incidence
A. V. Dovgal, B. Yu. Zanin, A. M. Sorokin
Pages 401-406

Computations of instability and turbulent mixing by Nikiforov’s model
A. N. Razin, I. V. Bolshakov
Pages 407-420

Formation of the turbulent boundary layer at air blowing through a wall with an abrupt change in boundary conditions
V. I. Kornilov, A. V. Boiko
Pages 421-439

On the numerical modeling of the dynamics of homogeneous isotropic turbulence
M. K. Baev, G. G. Chernykh
Pages 441-447

Determination of true temperature of opaque materials via spectral distribution of thermal radiation intensity: application of Wien’s displacement law
S. P. Rusin
Pages 449-460

Heat transfer characteristics for disk fans
Yu. M. Prikhodko, V. P. Chekhov, V. P. Fomichev
Pages 461-467

Self-oscillations in a Rijke tube with receiver positioning at its entrance
B. I. Basok, V. V. Gotsulenko
Pages 469-478

In-water gas combustion in linear and annular gas bubbles
V. S. Teslenko, A. P. Drozhzhin, R. N. Medvedev…
Pages 479-488

Dynamics of detonation waves in a channel with variable cross section and filled with bubbly fluid
A. S. Topolnikov, I. K. Gimaltdinov
Pages 489-498

Characteristics of dual-combustion ramjet
Yu. P. Gounko, V. V. Shumskiy
Pages 499-508

Numerical investigation of the influence of crystallization of ultrafine particles of aluminum oxide on energy characteristics of solid-propellant rocket engine
N. N. Dyachenko, L. I. Dyachenko
Pages 509-513

The heating and acceleration dynamics of Al2O3 particles in the axisymmetric heterogeneous flow emanating from a plasma torch with inter-electrode inserts
A. A. Mikhalchenko, V. I. Kuzmin, D. V. Sergachev…
Pages 515-527

Anniversary Date
70th anniversary of Viktor I. Terekhov
Pages 529-530

Journal of Aerospace Engineering






Since last newsletter, three new issues have been published.

  • Volume 228, Issue N.12 of October  2014 (toc available here)
  • Volume 228, Issue N.13 of November  2014 (toc available here)
  • Volume 228, Issue N.14 of December  2014 (toc available here)

The toc for the current issue is reported below for your convenience.


Thrust control of tethered satellite with a short constant tether in orbital maneuvering
Guowei Zhao, Liang Sun and Hai Huang
Pages 2569-2586

Liquid propellant engine conceptual design by using a fuzzy-multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA) optimization method
M Mirshams, H Naseh, H Taei and HR Fazeley
Pages 2587-2603

Numerical study of hot launch of missile inside a tube
PK Sinha and Debasis Chakraborty
Pages 2604-2611

Automatic landing control using H-inf control and dynamic inversion
Romulus Lungu and Mihai Lungu
Pages 2612-2626

Positioning control for an unmanned airship using sliding mode control based on fuzzy approximation
Yueneng Yang, Ye Yan, Zhenglong Zhu and Wei Zheng
Pages 2627-2640

Numerical investigation on staged sonic jet interaction mechanism in a supersonic cross flow
Wei Huang
Pages 2641-2651

Asymmetric ground effects of a tailless unmanned aerial vehicle model
Muqing Yang and Dongli Ma
Pages 2652-2661

Optimal control for far-distance rapid cooperative rendezvous
Wei-ming Feng, Fei Ren and Lei Shi
Pages 2662-2673

Flow field velocity on the flight deck of a frigate
Rafael Bardera Mora
Pages 2674-2680

Using aircraft as wind sensors for estimating accurate wind fields for air traffic management applications
Laura Hernando Guadaño, Rosa M Arnaldo Valdés and Francisco J Sáez Nieto
Pages 2681-2694

Autonomous waypoint guidance for tilt-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle that has nacelle-fixed auxiliary wings
Youngshin Kang, Nakwan Kim, Byoung-Soo Kim and Min-Jea Tahk
Pages 2695-2717

Review of cavity-stabilized combustion for scramjet applications
Zhenguo Wang,Hongbo Wang and Mingbo Sun
Pages 2718-2735

Modelling of a Scottish Aviation Bulldog using reverse engineering, wind tunnel and numerical methods
NJ Lawson, JE Gautrey, N Salmon, KP Garry and A Pintiau
Pages 2736-2742

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