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There have been some interesting updates in the job offer section of our website, see here for more info (look for offers tagged "September 2014").

For your convenience we have collected these new offers in the current newsletter, see below.

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In this issue

New Job Offers

News from Journals

New Job Offers

  • Of particular interest the Onera Scientific Director position, the job description and offer is available in french in a pdf format here. This and other offers are available for Onera at the following address.
  • Onera and STAE are offering a PostDoc on "Closed-loop control of the wake trailed by a thick flat plate through Plasma Synthetic Jets actuation", see English offer here.
  • One post-doctoral fellowship and one doctoral position are available in the general area of separated turbulent bluff body wakes at the department of mechanical and manufacturing engineering of the university of Calgary, Canada. See here for details.
  • A postdoctoral and phd research fellowship are available immediately at UNSW Canberra, on the maximum entropy (MaxEnt) analysis of turbulent fluid flows.

News from Journals

TsAGI Science Journal

In the last few newsletters we were focusing on TsAGI journal forthcoming articles. Here a reminder of the volumes that have been published in the meanwhile.

  • Volume 44, Issue N.5, (toc available here)
  • Volume 44, Issue N.6, (toc available here)
  • Volume 45, Issue N.1, (toc available here)
  • Volume 45, Issue N.2, (toc available here)

 The toc for this last issue is presented below for your convenience

Table of Contents (Volume 45 Issue N.2)

Numerical Simulation Of Acoustic Radiation Of A Two-Dimensional Cavity In A Subsonic Flow
Alexander Dmitrievich Savel'ev
Pages 89-114

Parabolic Profile Water Entry With Horizontal Component Of Immersion Velocity
Aleksey Ivanovich Arzhanov
Pages 115-124

Wall Pressure Fluctuations Of Gradient Boundary Layer
Aleksey Yuryevich Golubev, Boris Maksimovich Efimtsov
Pages 125-149

Calculation Of The Aircraft Dynamics During Take-Off By Results Of Onboard Measurements In Order To Detect Emergency Situations
Anatoliy Vladimirovich Bobylev, Viktor Fedorovich Bragazin, Vasiliy Aleksandrovich Yaroshevsky
Pages 151-168

Frequency Method Of Flutter Analysis And Its Application To Calculated And Experimental Study
Stanislav Viktorovich Morgunov
Pages 169-177


Journal of Aerospace Engineering





Since last newsletter, two new issues have been published.

  • Volume 228, Issue N.10, August 2014 (toc available here)
  • Volume 228, Issue N.11, September 2014 (toc available here)

For this last Volume 228, Issue N.11, please find the toc hereunder

Table Of Contents (Volume 228, Issue N.11)

Onboard pseudospectral guidance for re-entry vehicle
H Zhou, T Rahman, D Wang and W Chen
Page 1925

Equilibrium and station-keeping efficiency of cross-track multi-satellite arrays using a micro-electromagnetic formation flight
H Wang, G Zhao, H Huang and B Tang
Page 1937

Simulation of secondary and separated flow in a diffusing S-duct using four different turbulence models
C Fiola and RK Agarwal
Page 1954

A numerical optimization chain combining computational fluid dynamics and surrogate analysis for the aerodynamic design of airfoils
T Boulkeraa, A Ghenaiet, S Mendez and B Mohammadi
Page 1964

Explicit dynamic formulation to demonstrate compliance against quasi-static aircraft seat certification loads (CS25.561) – Part I: influence of time and mass scaling
O Gulavani, K Hughes and R Vignjevic
Page 1982

Vision-based long-range target detection using coarse-to-fine particle filter
S-W Shim, D-Y Won, M-J Tahk, K Seong and E-T Kim
Page 1996

An integrated nonlinear model-based approach to gas turbine engine sensor fault diagnostics
F Lu, Y Chen, J Huang, D Zhang and N Liu
Page 2007

Partial ambiguity resolution with integrity risk constraint for high-performance Global Navigation Satellite System navigation
H Liu, L Xu, W Ye and Z Chen
Page 2022

A value-focused approach for establishing requirements’ specification of commercial aircraft
X Zhang, S Tong, H Eres, M Kossmann and K Wang
Page 2033

Control system design of a multivectored thrust stratospheric airship
L Chen, H Zhang and DP Duan
Page 2045

Experimental method study on heat flux measurement on sharp leading edge
W Zhou, D Wang, W Bao and J Qin
Page 2055

Curvature-constrained trajectory generation for waypoint following for miniature air vehicle
S Hota and D Ghose
Page 2066

Experimental study on the lift generated by a flapping rotary wing applied in a micro air vehicle
C Zhou, J Wu, S Guo and D Li
Page 2083

Periodic projectile linear theory for aerodynamically asymmetric projectiles
J Dykes, M Costello, F Fresconi and G Cooper
Page 2094

Assessment of architectural options for a dual-mode disaster monitoring constellation supported by on-orbit propellant depots
S Hong, H Na and J Ahn
Page 2108

Improved robust Huber-based divided difference filtering
W Li, M Liu and D Duan
Page 2123

Evidence of vortex-induced lift on a yawed wing in reverse flow
V Raghav, M Mayo, R Lozano and N Komerath
Page 2130


Thermophysics and Aeromechanics





Since last newsletter two new issues have been published.

  • Volume 21, Issue N.2 of April 2014 (toc available here)
  • Volume 21, Issue N.3 of July 2014 (toc available here)

The toc for the current issue is reported below for your convenience.

Table of Contents (Volume 21, Issue N.3)


Life devoted to science
A. N. Pavlenko
Pages 265-278

Boiling-up of liquid nitrogen jet in water
V. E. Nakoryakov, A. N. Tsoi, I. V. Mezentsev…
Pages 279-284

Experimental data on the mechanism of subcooled water boiling: high-speed video shooting
Yu. A. Zeigarnik, K. A. Khodakov, Yu. L. Shekhter
Pages 285-292

Investigation of the structure of a polydisperse gas-droplet jet in the initial region. Experiment and numerical simulation
Yu. A. Lozhkin, D. M. Markovich, M. A. Pakhomov…
Pages 293-307

Distinctive features of vortical structures generation in separated channel flow behind a rib under transition to turbulence
V. M. Molochnikov, A. B. Mazo, A. V. Malyukov…
Pages 309-317

Wavy liquid film in the presence of co- or counter-current turbulent gas flow
Yu. Ya. Trifonov
Pages 319-336

Formation and dissociation of gas hydrate inclusions during migration in water
V. Sh. Shagapov, B. I. Tazetdinov
Pages 337-345

Interdiffusion in potassium-lead melts in a wide range of concentrations
R. N. Abdullaev, R. A. Khairulin, S. V. Stankus
Pages 347-353

Numerical analysis of the influence of surface-active substance in the melt on the distribution of modifying particles and crystallization at the treatment of metal surface by a laser pulse
A. N. Cherepanov, V. N. Popov
Pages 355-363

Effects of superficial gas velocity on process dynamics in bioreactors
T. T. Devi, B. Kumar
Pages 365-382

Coordinated optimization of the parameters of the cooled gas-turbine flow path and the parameters of gas-turbine cycles and combined-cycle power plants
A. M. Kler, Yu. B. Zakharov, Yu. M. Potanina
Pages 383-392

Steam-enhanced regime for liquid hydrocarbons combustion: velocity distribution in the burner flame
S. V. Alekseenko, I. S. Anufriev, M. S. Vigriyanov…
Pages 393-396

Combustion of n-butanol in a flat minichannel
V. V. Zamashchikov, A. A. Korzhavin, E. A. Chinnov
Pages 397-400


Aerospace Lab Journal




The new Issue of this electronic journal, Issue number 7 of  June 2014 has been published (see here).

Table of Contents


Aeroacoustics: an Overview for Air Vehicle Applications
D. Gely, L. Leylekian

An Overview of Aircraft Noise Reduction Technologies
L. Leylekian, M. Lebrun, P. Lempereur

From Design to Flight Testing: Overview of Rotorcraft Acoustic Research at Onera for Industrial Applications
Y. Delrieux

Turbofan Interaction Noise Reduction Using Trailing Edge Blowing: Numerical Design and Assessment and Comparison with Experiments
C. Polacsek, R. Barrier, M. Kohlhaas, T. Carolus, P. Kausche, A. Moreau, F. Kennepohl

Activities of European Research Laboratories Regarding Helicopter Internal Noise
F. Simon, T. Haase, O. Unruh, M. Pohl, E. Tijs, R. Wijntjes, H. van der Wal, G.-L. Ghiringhelli

Combustion Noise in Modern Aero-Engines
I. Duran, S. Moreau, F. Nicoud, T. Livebardon, E. Bouty, T. Poinsot

An Analysis of Shock Noise Components
C. Bailly, B. André, T. Castelain, C. Henry, G. Bodard, M. Porta

Aircraft Noise Prediction via Aeroacoustic Hybrid Methods - Development and Application of Onera Tools over the last Decade: Some Examples
S. Redonnet

Numerical and Experimental Characterization of Fan Noise Installation Effects
D.-C. Mincu, E. Manoha

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