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Dear Colleague,

This latest issue of our newsletter is packed full of important announcements beside the usual contents.

We have the pleasure to announce the venue of the sixth Eucass conference approved by our General Assembly, and some important changes in our organization.

JP Taran

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In this issue

Announcing EUCASS 2015 and 5th CEAS conference

EUCASS has a new president

News from Journals

Books Review

Announcing EUCASS 2015 and 5th CEAS Conferences


The 6th EUROPEAN CONFERENCE FOR AERONAUTICS AND SPACE SCIENCES will take place on 29 June-3 July 2015 Kraków, Poland, in the brand new Conference Center ICE. For information follow the site (under construction).

Note that informative abstracts of at least one full page can be uploaded beginning September 15, 2014 until December 15, 2014. Instructions will be available at the conference website.

If abstracts are accepted, authors will be invited to prepare a full 10-15 page paper and submit it before the absolute deadline of June 15, 2015.

Papers submitted in due time will be published with DOI in the EUCASS printed series.

5th CEAS Conference

If you are unable to attend the Eucass conference, you'll have another opportunity to meet European colleagues at the 5th CEAS Air & Space conference on Challenges in European aerospace, at Delft University of Technology, 7-11 September, 2015 (The Netherlands).

For more information, visit

Discussions in view of harmonising the two conferences are underway.

EUCASS has a new president

Jean-Pierre Taran has resigned his post as President at the recent General Assembly of the association.

He is succeeded by Walter Zinner (Airbus Defence and Space), founding member of Eucass and co-Chair of the last conference in Munich.

We thank Jean-Pierre for all his past efforts and we wish best of luck to Walter.

Jean-Pierre Taran Walter Zinner

News from Journals

TsAGI Science Journal

The following are forthcoming articles (see here).

Table of Contents

Wall Pressure Fluctuations Of Gradient Boundary Layer
A.Yu. Golubev, B.M. Efimtsov

About Different Ways To Determine The Heat Effect And The Combustion Efficiency In A Flow Of Reacting Gas
V. V. Vlasenko

Calculation Of The Aircraft Dynamics During Taking-Off By Results Of Onboard Measurements In Order To Detect Emergency Situations
A. V. Bobylev, V. F. Bragazin, V. A. Yaroshevsky

Study Of Gasdynamic Stabilization Of A Longitudinal Discharge In Flat Channels
A.V. Zubtsov, V. V. Ivanov, V. V. Skvortsov, M.A. Starodubtsev, A. A. Uspenskii, A. Yu. Urusov

Congratulations To Vladimir Vasilyevich Sychev With His 90th Anniversary!
S.L. Chernyshev

Numerical Simulation Of Acoustic Radiation Of A Two-Dimensional Cavity In A Subsonic Flow
A. D. Savel'ev

Investigation Of Effusion / Film Cooling Efficiency For Sharp Cone Heat Flux Control At High Supersonic Speeds
P. V. Chuvakhov

Determination Of Material Catalycity At High Temperatures In The Vat-104 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel
I. V. Egorov, B. E. Zhestkov, V. V. Shvedchenko

Frequency Method Of Flutter Analysis And Its Application To Calculation And Experimental Study
S. V. Morgunov

Parabolic Profile Water Entry With Horizontal Component Of Immersion Velocity
A.I. Arzhanov

Journal of Aerospace Engineering





The new volume 228 N. 9, July 2014 has been published (see here).

Table Of Contents

Parametric study of the effect of exothermic coating properties on blunt nose drag reduction in hypersonic flights
A Tahsini
Pages 1461-1465 - Abstract

Fault tree analysis for composite structural damages
X Chen, H Ren and C Bil
Pages 1466-1474 - Abstract

Huber-based divided difference filter with application to relative navigation
W Li, M Liu, D Gong and D Duan
Pages 1475-1486 - Abstract

Approximate analytical solutions of an axially moving spacecraft appendage subjected to tip mass
PB Ghaleh, AA Khayyat, Y Farjami and A Abedian
Pages 1487-1497 - Abstract

The birth of airplane stability theory
JP Magraner and R Martinez-Val
Pages 1498-1506 - Abstract

Numerical analysis of a swept wing hot air ice protection system
X Bu, G Lin, J Yu, X Shen and P Hou
Pages 1507-1518 - Abstract

Aerodynamic pitch control design for reversal of missile’s flight direction
Y Kim, BS Kim and J Park
Pages 1519-1527 - Abstract

A preliminary method to estimate impacts of inlet flow distortion on boundary layer ingesting propulsion system design point performance
C Liu, D Ihiabe, P Laskaridis and R Singh
Pages 1528-1539 - Abstract

The design of nonsingular terminal sliding-mode feedback controller based on minimum sliding-mode error
L Cao, X Chen and T Sheng
Pages 1540-1561 - Abstract

The influence of wind shear to the performance of high-altitude solar-powered aircraft
G Xian-Zhong, H Zhong-Xi, G Zheng, L Jian-Xia and C Xiao-Qian
Pages 1562-1573 - Abstract

Non-linear idealisation error analysis of an aerospace stiffened panel loaded in compression
L Hetey, J Campbell and R Vignjevic
Pages 1574-1585 - Abstract

Flight testing of noise abating required navigation performance procedures and steep approaches
HH Toebben, V Mollwitz, L Bertsch, RM Geister, B Korn and D Kügler
Pages 1586-1597 - Abstract

Optimal preliminary design of electromechanical actuators 1598
M Budinger, A Reysset, T El Halabi, C Vasiliu and J-C Maré
Pages 1598-1616 - Abstract

Command filtered back-stepping control of a flexible air-breathing hypersonic flight vehicle
Y Ji, Q Zong and H Zhou
Pages 1617-1626 - Abstract

Research on advanced flight control methods based on actuator constraints for elastic model of hypersonic vehicle
Y-b Liu, D-b Xiao and Y-p Lu
Pages 1628-1637 - Abstract

Design optimization of aerodynamic shapes of a wing and its winglet using modified quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization algorithm
Z Wei and S Meijian
Pages 1638-1647 - Abstract

Preliminary reliability analysis of a high-altitude airship’s envelope
J Liu, Q-b Wang, J-a Chen, H-t Zhao and D-p Duan
Pages 1648-1653 - Abstract

Shape optimization of airfoils in transonic flow using a multi-objective genetic algorithm
X Chen and RK Agarwal
Pages 1654-1667 - Abstract

Single sensor-based 3D feature point location for a small flying robot application using one camera
SIA Shah, EN Johnson, A Wu and Y Watanabe
Pages 1668-1678 - Abstract


Thermophysics and Aeromechanics





The new volume 21, Issue 1 of  January 2014 has been published (see here).

Table of Contents


20th anniversary of our journal
Pages 1-2

Experimental study of mean and pulsation flow characteristics in the 2D/3D supersonic boundary layer behind flat roughness elements
A. V. Panina, A. D. Kosinov, Yu. G. Yermolaev…
Pages 3-13 (Peek Inside)

Extreme shockwave systems in problems of external supersonic aerodynamics
V. N. Uskov, M. V. Chernyshov
Pages 15-30 (Peek Inside)

Numerical simulation of pulsation processes in hydraulic turbine based on 3D model of cavitating flow
L. V. Panov, D. V. Chirkov, S. G. Cherny, I. M. Pylev
Pages 31-43 (Peek Inside)

The use of scale models in ground tests reproducing heat transfer in space
N. P. Semena
Pages 45-55 (Peek Inside)

Calculation of decay parameters for the wavy film flow at unsteady heat release
A. N. Chernyavskiy
Pages 57-64 (Peek Inside)

Free convection on an inclined plate with variable viscosity and thermal diffusivity
G. Palani, J. D. Kirubavathi, Kwang Yong Kim
Pages 65-85 (Peek Inside)

Numerical investigation of incompressible fluid flow and heat transfer around a rotating circular cylinder
R. Bouakkaz, K. Talbi, Y. Khelil, F. Salhi, N. Belghar…
Pages 87-97 (Peek Inside)

Thermal expansion and phase changes of 16Kh12V2FTaR steel in temperature range from 20 to 1000 °C
Yu. M. Kozlovskii, S. V. Stankus, O. S. Yatsuk…
Pages 99-103 (Peek Inside)

Control of spray spot in cold spray technology. Part 1. Gas dynamic aspects
V. N. Zaikovskii, S. V. Klinkov, V. F. Kosarev…
Pages 105-112 (Peek Inside)

Synthesis, heating, and melting of stoichiometric glass (CaSiO3·SiO2)
V. S. Engelsht, V. Zh. Muratalieva
Pages 113-118 (Peek Inside)

Unsteady three-dimensional model of electric arc. Part 1. Mathematical model and testing results
R. M. Urusov, I. R. Urusova
Pages 119-132 (Peek Inside)

Books Review

Aeronautics materials for today and tomorrow

A joint publication of the Air and Space Academy (AAE), the French Aerospace Society (3AF) and the Academy of Technologies (NATFS)

To obtain copies of the monograph, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Table Of Contents

Executive summary

Current and future needs for aeronautical equipment
and turbomachinery materials
Materials for Aeronautics and Space Structures
Trends and challenges for tomorrow

     Metallic materials
     Composite materials (thermosets)

Architectured materials: A bridge between materials
and design

    The case for architectured materials
    Microstructure gradients
    Tailoring materials with geometry
    Designing multifunctional materials

Choice between aluminium alloys and organic
composites for future business aircraft

New alloys and aluminium solutions for aeronautical
structures: Progress and challenges

Highly resistant and very tough stainless steels:
Dream and/or industrial reality?

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