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We have pleasure sending you this fourth issue of the Eucass Science News Bulletin. We hope that it helps you find relevant information useful to you, easier and faster than through normal channels.

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Recommended by our Readers

News from Journals

Recommended by our Readers

Abstract recommended by our readers in the scientific field EUCASS is taking interest on.

News from Journals

TsAGI Science Journal


The following are forthcoming articles (see here).

Table of Contents

Calculation Of The Aircraft Dynamics During Taking-Off By Results Of Onboard Measurements In Order To Detect Emergency Situations
A. V. Bobylev, V. F. Bragazin, V. A. Yaroshevsky

Study Of Gasdynamic Stabilization Of A Longitudinal Discharge In Flat Channels
A.V. Zubtsov, V. V. Ivanov, V. V. Skvortsov, M.A. Starodubtsev, A. A. Uspenskii, A. Yu. Urusov

Congratulations To Vladimir Vasilyevich Sychev With His 90th Anniversary!
S.L. Chernyshev

Numerical Simulation Of Acoustic Radiation Of A Two-Dimensional Cavity In A Subsonic Flow
A. D. Savel'Ev

Investigation Of Effusion / Film Cooling Efficiency For Sharp Cone Heat Flux Control At High Supersonic Speeds
P. V. Chuvakhov

Determination Of Material Catalycity At High Temperatures In The Vat-104 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel
I. V. Egorov, B. E. Zhestkov, V. V. Shvedchenko

Frequency Method Of Flutter Analysis And Its Application To Calculation And Experimental Study
S. V. Morgunov

Parabolic Profile Water Entry With Horizontal Component Of Immersion Velocity
A.I. Arzhanov

Aeroelastic Stability Research Of A Cross-Shape Flying Vehicle
A. G. Narizhny, V. I. Smyslov, S. I. Sychev

Torsion Of Prismatic Beams Composed Of Different Materials
L.L. Teperin, Chan Van Hung

Experimental Investigations On The High-Temperature Dust-Laden Gas Jet Impinging On An Obstacle
O.K. Kudin, Yu.N. Nesterov, O.D. Tokarev, Ya. Sh Flaksman

Influence Of The Heating Of The Flat Plate Nose Part On The Integral And Statistical Characteristics Of The Boundary Layer
V.M. Litvinov, A.A. Uspenskii

Numerical Simulation Of The Hypersonic Boundary Layer Receptivity To Periodic Energy Supply
A.A. Ryzhov, V.G. Soudakov, S.V. Utyuzhnikov

Numerical Investigation Of Viscous Gas Flow In 3d Single Expansion-Ramp Nozzles
A.P. Mazurov

About The Calculation Of The Skin Friction Coefficient Of The Turbulent Boundary Layer. The Relaminarization Criterion For The Layer
V. V. Mikhailov, N. V. Samoilova

Numerical Simulation Of Icing Of A Cylinder And An Airfoil. Models Review And Computational Results
S.V. Aleekseenko, O.A. Prykhodko

Journal of Aerospace Engineering


The new volume 228 N. 8, June 2014 has been published (see here).

Table Of Contents

Regeneratively cooled scramjet heat transfer calculation and comparison with experimental data
J Jiang, R-l Zhang, J-l Le, W-x Liu, Y Yang, L Zhang and G-z Zhao
Pages 1227-1234

Tracking of spiraling reentry vehicles with varying frequency using a new target dynamic model
EJ Ohlmeyer and PK Menon
Pages 1235-1245

Adaptive modeling of aircraft engine performance degradation model based on the equilibrium manifold and expansion form
X Liu, Y Yuan, J Shi and L Zhao
Pages 1246-1272

Position control of linear electromechanical actuator for spoiler system base on the inverse system method
Y Cui, Y Ju, C Zhou, L Liu and J Xu
Pages 1273-1282

Micro air vehicle trajectory generation in pitch plane
CR Ashokkumar
Pages 1283-1290

Comparison of linear models for gas turbine performance
H Yu, Y Yuecheng, Z Shiying and S Zhensheng
Pages 1291-1301

Effect of lip thickness on the aero-acoustic features of Hartmann whistle
S Narayanan, K Srinivasan and T Sundararajan
Pages 1302-1313

Tolerance optimization by modification of Taguchi’s robust design approach and considering performance levels: Application to the design of a cold-expanded bushing
M Paredes, R Canivenc and M Sartor
Pages 1314-1323

Numerical study on impulse characteristics of laser-supported air-breathing pulsed detonation thrusters
X Li, M Cheng, M Wang and G Li
Pages 1324-1335

Dynamic control allocation for spacecraft attitude stabilization with actuator uncertainty
A Zhang, Q Hu and X Huo
Pages 1336-1347

Integration of image de-blurring in an aerial Mono-SLAM
MAA Atashgah, P Gholampour and SMB Malaek
Pages 1348-1362

The aerodynamic performance of a 2D lumped flexible airfoil in forward flight
C Zhou and J Zhu
Pages 1363-1374

Angular velocity estimation based on adaptive simplified spherical simplex unscented Kalman filter in GFSINS
Q Wu, Q Jia, J Shan and X Meng
Pages 1375-1388

A fractional order proportional integral controller for path following and trajectory tracking of miniature air vehicles
GPK Mand, R Ghosh and D Ghose
Pages 1389-1402

Fault detection, isolation and accommodation for attitude control system of a three-axis satellite using interval linear parametric varying observers and fault tree analysis
H Bolandi, M Abedi and M Haghparast
Pages 1403-1423

The effect of different clearance geometry configurations on aerodynamic performance in a high-load compressor cascade
S Chen, S Sun, Y Lan and S Wang
Pages 1424-1433

Dynamically controlled variable-fidelity modelling for aircraft structural design optimisation
JG Allen, G Coates and J Trevelyan
Pages 1434-1449

Dynamic separation minima coupled with wake vortex predictions in dependent runway configurations
T Rad, S Schonhals and P Hecker
Pages 1450-1460

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