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We have pleasure sending you this third issue of the Eucass Science News Bulletin. We hope that it helps you find relevant information useful to you, easier and faster than through normal channels.

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Recommended by our Readers

News from Journals

Recommended by our Readers

Below a few abstracts recommended by our readers in the scientific field EUCASS is taking interest on.


News from Journals

TsAGI Science Journal


The following are forthcoming articles (see here).

Table of Contents

Aeroelastic Stability Research Of A Cross-Shape Flying Vehicle
A. G. Narizhny, V. I. Smyslov, S. I. Sychev

Torsion Of Prismatic Beams Composed Of Different Materials
L.L. Teperin, Chan Van Hung

Experimental Investigations On The High-Temperature Dust-Laden Gas Jet Impinging On An Obstacle
O.K. Kudin, Yu.N. Nesterov, O.D. Tokarev, Ya. Sh Flaksman

Influence Of The Heating Of The Flat Plate Nose Part On The Integral And Statistical Characteristics Of The Boundary Layer
V.M. Litvinov, A.A. Uspenskii

Numerical Simulation Of The Hypersonic Boundary Layer Receptivity To Periodic Energy Supply
A.A. Ryzhov, V.G. Soudakov, S.V. Utyuzhnikov

Numerical Investigation Of Viscous Gas Flow In 3d Single Expansion-Ramp Nozzles
A.P. Mazurov

About The Calculation Of The Skin Friction Coefficient Of The Turbulent Boundary Layer. The Relaminarization Criterion For The Layer
V. V. Mikhailov, N. V. Samoilova

Numerical Simulation Of Icing Of A Cylinder And An Airfoil. Models Review And Computational Results
S.V. Aleekseenko, O.A. Prykhodko

Thermophysics and Aeromechanics


The new volume 20, Issue 6 of  December 2013 has been published (see here).

Table of Contents

Remembering Eduard P. Volchkov
V. E. Nakoryakov
Pages 657-661

Investigation of the flow in the vortex chamber with centrifugal fluidizing bed with and without combustion
E. P. Volchkov, N. A. Dvornikov, V. V. Lukashov…
Pages 663-668

Reduction of the sonic boom level in supersonic aircraft flight by the method of surface cooling
V. M. Fomin, V. F. Chirkashenko, V. F. Volkov…
Pages 669-678

Study of vortex core precession in combustion chambers
S. V. Alekseenko, D. M. Markovich, V. M. Dulin…
Pages 679-686

Heat exchange in boundary layer on permeable plate at injection and combustion
V. V. Lukashov, V. V. Terekhov, K. Hanjalič
Pages 687-694

Obstacle influence on the flow structure and mass transfer in a boundary layer with ethanol combustion on horizontal surface
B. F. Boyarshinov
Pages 695-704

Experimental investigation of the effect of small-obstacle-induced vortex sheet on the separated flow in cavity
A. Yu. D’yachenko, V. I. Terekhov, N. I. Yarygina
Pages 705-712

Flat plate film cooling from a single-row inclined holes embedded in a trench: effect of external turbulence and flow acceleration
A. A. Khalatov, I. I. Borisov, Yu. Ya. Dashevskiy…
Pages 713-719

Techniques for increasing the film cooling efficiency by means of the vortex near-wall jets
V. I. Terekhov, N. E. Shishkin
Pages 721-728

Aerodynamic derivatives of the model of the jettisonable module of the emergency rescue system at hypersonic velocities
N. P. Adamov, L. N. Puzyrev, A. M. Kharitonov…
Pages 729-738

Interfacial friction and mass transfer at gas flow into vacuum through a nozzle with a near-wall liquid film
V. N. Yarygin, V. G. Prikhodko, I. V. Yarygin…
Pages 739-747

Peculiarities of diffusion in gels
B. G. Pokusaev, S. P. Karlov, A. V. Vyazmin…
Pages 749-756

Efficiency of energy separation at compressible gas flow in a planar duct
M. S. Makarov, S. N. Makarova
Pages 757-767

Modelling of the behavior of hollow ZrO2 particles in plasma jet with regard to their thermal expansion
I. P. Gulyaev, O. P. Solonenko
Pages 769-782

Journal of Aerospace Engineering


The new volume 228 N. 6, May 2014 has been published (see here).

Table Of Contents

Concurrent orbit and attitude estimation using minimum sigma point unscented Kalman filter
M Kiani and SH Pourtakdoust
Pages 801

Hydrogen-fueled scramjet cooling system investigation using combustor and regenerative cooling coupled model
W Bao, Y Duan, W Zhou and D Yu
Pages 820

Corrugated triangular tabs for supersonic jet control
PA Kumar and E Rathakrishnan
Pages 831

Oscillating aerofoil and perpendicular vortex interaction
G Gibertini, A Mencarelli and A Zanotti
Pages 846

Influence of leading edge imperfections on the aerodynamic characteristics of NACA 632-215 laminar aerofoils at low Reynolds numbers
L Ayuso, R Sant and J Meseguer
Pages 859

Series expansion-based state transition matrix for relative motion on eccentric orbits
Y Li and X Liu
Pages 869

A stochastic automaton approach to discriminate intermittent from permanent faults
D Guanqian, Q Jing, L Guanjun and LV Kehong
Pages 880

Nonlinear adaptive filter backstepping flight control for reentry vehicle with input constraint and external disturbances
Q Zong, F Wang and B-L Tian
Pages 889

A study on constrained efficient global optimization method for noisy computational fluid dynamics data
HG Bae and JH Kwon
Pages 908

Experimental and numerical investigations on flow fields and performance of dual combustion ramjet
J Tan, J Wu and Z Wang
Pages 920

Influence of chemical models on heat flux for EXPERT and Orion capsules
L Morsa, G Zuppardi, R Votta and A Schettino
Pages 930

Research on spacecraft design for ORS based on the systems theory
W-b Huang, W-h Zhang, L-l Chen, S Shi and Y-q Cai
Pages 949

An assessment of thrust vector concepts for twin-engine airplane
AK Vinayagam and NK Sinha
Pages 960


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