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We have pleasure sending you this second issue of the Eucass Science News Bulletin. We hope that it helps you find relevant information useful to you, easier and faster than through normal channels. We also hope that you will draw our attention to novel published materiel either from your own group or from others. In so doing, you are enhancing your own visibility, stimulating the life of your colleagues and improving the productivity and vitality of our community.

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Recommended by our Readers

News from Journals

Recommended by our Readers

Below a few abstracts recommended by our readers

Journal of Propulsion and Power

In the volume 29 N. 3 (see here), you find of interest the following paper

Reynolds Number Influence on Dual-Bell Transition Phenomena
S. B. Verma, R. Stark, and O. Haidn
Pages 602-609

An experimental investigation was conducted to study the Reynolds number influence on dual-bell transition behavior for tests inside a high-altitude simulation chamber. For the range of nozzle supply pressures tested, the nozzle Reynolds number is seen to gradually decrease from a relatively high value (of the order of 10^7 for tests in sea-level atmospheric conditions) toward the transitional range (lower side of 10^6 for tests inside the high-altitude chamber). This influences...

Computational Methods in Applied mechanics and engineering

In the volume N. 153 (see here), you find of interest the following paper

A comparative study of different sets of variables for solving compressible and incompressible flows
Guillermo Hauke, Thomas J.R. Hughes
Pages 1-44

A globally conservative Galerkin/least-squares formulation which attains correct shock structure is developed for any choice of variables. Only the choice of entropy variables satisfies exactly the discrete Clausius-Duhem inequality without any dissipative mechanisms, whereas for the rest of the variables, artificial diffusion is required to guarantee entropy production. The limit of the formulation is well defined for entropy variables...

International Journal of Aerodynamics

In the volume N.2 (see here), you find of interest the following paper

Fully implicit adaptive method using discontinuous Galerkin finite elements for high speed flows
R. Becker; K. Gokpi; E. Schall; D. Trujillo
Pages 222-23

...we present automatic and effective mesh refinement techniques for discontinuous Galerkin finite elements methods (DGFEMs) applied to high speed inviscid flows, and based on the CONCHA finite element Library. CONCHA is a C++ software designed for the simulation of complex flow problems...

Experiments in Fluids

In the volume N.50 issue 4 (see here), you find of interest the following paper

Fast and accurate PIV computation using highly parallel iterative correlation maximization
F. Champagnat; A. Plyer; G. Le Besnerais; B. Leclaire; S. Davoust; Y. Le Sant
Pages 1169-1182

Our contribution deals with fast computation of dense two-component (2C) PIV vector fields using Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). We show that iterative gradient-based cross-correlation optimization is an accu- rate and efficient alternative to multi-pass processing with FFT-based cross-correlation. Density is meant here...

Journal of Fluid Mechanics

In the volume N.709 (see here), you find of interest the following paper

Dynamics of m = 0 and m = 1 modes and of streamwise vortices in a turbulent axisymmetric mixing layer
S. Davoust; L. Jacquin; B. Leclaire
Pages 408-444

The near field of a Reynolds number Re 0 = 2.14 × 10^5 and low-Mach-number cylindrical jet has been investigated by means of a high-speed stereo PIV setup that provides the spatio-temporal velocity field in a transverse plane, two diameters downstream of the jet exit. Proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) and...


News from Journals

TsAGI Science Journal


The Volume 44, Issue 4 of 2013 has been published (see here).

Table of Contents

Yakov Moiseyevich Serebriysky on the 100 anniversary
Sergei Leonidovich Chernyshev
Pages 445-446

Improvement of aerodynamics of civil plane wing high-lift devices
Nikolay Nikolaevich Bragin, Anatoliy Longinovich Bolsunovsky, Nikolay Petrovich Buzoverya, Maria Anatolyevna Gubanova, Sergey Ivanovich Skomorokhov, Genrietta Vasilyevna Hozyainova
Pages 447-464

Influence of a surface fractal microstructure on the characteristics of a turbulent boundary layer
Murad Abramovich Brutyan, Vyacheslav Petrovich Budaev, Andrey Viktorovich Wolkov, Anatoliy Mikhaylovich Zhitlukhin, Aleksey Vladislavovich Karpov, Nikolay Sergeevich Klimov, Igor Stanislavovich Menshov, Vyacheslav Leonidovich Podkovyrov, Andrey Yuryevich Urusov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Uspenskii, Maxim Vladimirovich Ustinov
Pages 465-490

Calculation of rotational derivatives of roll and yaw moments for high-aspect-ratio wings
Mikhail Alekseyevich Golovkin
Pages 491-506

Investigation of rotary and unsteady derivatives of the pitching moment of an airplane model using a 2dof forced oscillation rig
Ivan Vasilyevich Kolin, Kazbek Fedorovich Latsoev, Vladimir Georgievich Markov, Viktor Konstantinovich Svyatodukh, Tamara Ivanovna Trifonova, Dmitry Valeryevich Shukhovtsov
Pages 507-519

Spacecraft recovery after a planetary mission with ascent to the parking orbit
Anatoliy Vladimirovich Bobylev, Vasiliy Aleksandrovich Yaroshevsky
Pages 521-534

Numerical simulation of mechanical systems with an automatic control system at early stages of helicopter design
Evgueniy Vladimirivich Kasumov
Pages 535-546

Videogrammetry method of non-contact measurements of instantaneous deformation of rotating propellers blades
Sergey Ivanovich Inshakov, Vladimir Petrovich Kulesh, Vladimir Evguenyevich Mosharov, Vladimir Nikolaevich Radchenko
Pages 547-558

Strength research on multi-row metal-composite joints
Yanina Stefanovna Borovskaya, Vyacheslav Ivanovich Grishin, Irakliy Nugzarovich Kacharava, Sergey Mikhaylovich Naumov
Pages 559-573

Thermophysics and Aeromechanics





The new volume 20, Issue 5 of  December 2013 has been published (see here).

Table of Contents

High-enthalpy hot-shot wind tunnel with combined heating and stabilization of parameters
A. A. Maslov, V. V. Shumsky, M. I. Yaroslavtsev
Pages 527-538

Exergy method for estimating the ramjet specific impulse
A. F. Latypov
Pages 539-552

Direct Monte Carlo simulation of high-temperature chemical reactions in air
Ye. A. Bondar, A. A. Shevyrin, Y. S. Chen ...
Pages 553-564

Modelling of gas absorption processes in bubblers
M. I. Shilyaev, A. V. Tolstykh
Pages 565-576

Numerical simulation of transient processes in hydroturbines
A. Yu. Avdyushenko, S. G. Cherny, D. V. Chirkov…
Pages 577-593

Investigation of boiling-up centers of n-pentane using high-speed video shooting in two mutually perpendicular directions
E. V. Lipnyagov, M. A. Parshakova, G. V. Ermakov
Pages 595-604

Velocity of deflagration combustion at high pressures and temperatures
A. A. Vasiliev, A. V. Trilis
Pages 605-612

Lattice Boltzmann simulation of viscous-fluid flow and conjugate heat transfer in a rectangular cavity with a heated moving wall
J. A. Esfahani, J. Alinejad
Pages 613-620

Unsteady regimes of hydrodynamics and heat transfer at production of high-temperature silicate melts
N. S. Bondareva, O. G. Volokitin, O. O. Morozova…
Pages 621-629

Temperature recovery of opaque bodies by thermal radiation spectrum: the use of relative emissivity to select the optimal spectral range
S. P. Rusin
Pages 631-646

Brief Communications - Synthesis of MoO2 particles during oxidation of bulk molybdenum samples by supercritical water
A. V. Shishkin, M. Ya. Sokol, A. A. Vostrikov
Pages 647-650

Brief Communications - Coefficient of thermal diffusivity of ChS-139 steel in wide temperature range
A. Sh. Agazhanov, S. V. Stankus, D. A. Samoshkin
Pages 651-653

Announcement - In memory of Mikhail S. Ivanov

Pages 655-656

Journal of Aerospace Engineering





The new volume 228 N. 4, March 2014 has been published (see here).

Table Of Contents

New signal scaling strategies for return phase training in motion-base spaceflight simulator
J Chao, J Shen, W Chen and G Jiang
Pages 483-491

Autonomous sense & avoid capabilities based on aircraft performances estimation
M Melega, S Lazarus, M Lone and Al Savvaris
Pages 492-517

Multidisciplinary design optimization of space transportation control system using genetic algorithm
J Roshanian, M Ebrahimi, E Taheri and AA Bataleblu
Pages 518-529

Simulations of combustion with normal and angled hydrogen injection in a cavity-based supersonic combustor
H Wang, Z Wang, M Sun and N Qin
Pages 530-541

A direct adaptive actuator failure compensation scheme for satellite attitude control systems
Y Ma, B Jiang, G Tao and Y Cheng
Pages 542-556

Experimental-numerical investigation of a pitching airfoil in deep dynamic stall
A Zanotti, S Melone, R Nilifard and A D’Andrea
Pages 557-566

Aerodynamic study of the dart paper airplane for micro air vehicle application
JU Schluter
Pages 567-576

Adaptive gas path diagnostics using strong tracking filter
X Pu, S Liu, H Jiang and D Yu
Pages 577-585

Transient burning of non-charring materials in boundary layer diffusion flames
AM Tahsini
Pages 586-593

Computational analysis of the wave motions in micro-shock tube flow
RA Kumar, HD Kim and T Setoguchi
Pages 594-610

L1 adaptive attitude control of satellites in elliptic orbits using solar radiation pressure
KW Lee and SN Singh
Page 611

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