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About the Eucass Science News Bulletin


Eucass is launching a novel news bulletin with the objective to promote innovation and advertise the scientific discoveries concerning European aerospace R&D (including Russia). The goal is to bring the new ideas to the attention of all the players in Academia, Agencies and Industry as fast as possible, and, to the extent possible, even before publication.

This approach is to accelerate the dissemination of ideas, reduce the time to market of breakthroughs, enhance the visibility of European journals and conferences. We also wish to promote cross fertilisation between the pure aerospace labs and those that, while they serve other economic sector, explore scientific approaches that might also benefit aerospace.

Therefore, the production of groups affiliated to learned societies like CEAS (, Eccomas (, Ercoftac (, Euromech ( and Euroturbo ( will also be monitored and reported in the bulletin pending an accord with them. This is under discussion in the framework of a collaboration started at the instigation of the European Commission via the E-CAero ( contract.

The news bulletin promotes communications that have been recommended by members of the Eucass Technical Committee (TC). For clarity and ease of access, it is organised according to the following scientific disciplines:

  • applied mathematics
  • fluid mechanics
  • enabling S&T
    • numerics
    • simulation
    • metrology (conventional & non-intrusive)
  • energy and propulsion, including chemical, electrical and nuclear
  • GNC & Avionics
  • information processing, command and control
  • materials
  • structures
  • systems

As a first step the TC members have been asked to submit the scientific breakthroughs that caught their eye.
Needless to say, you are also welcome to bring to our attention notable papers that you have detected. You may also submit your own work if you consider it to contain significant added value. All material submitted by you will be rapidly examined by the relevant TC experts to ensure that no time is wasted.

The news bulletin is also to feature tables of contents of Journals and announcements posted on websites in English.

Last, it will reach you every second week at the beginning. It is distributed free of charge to Eucass members. Upon request and contingent upon their contributing to the compilation of relevant articles, members of the other societies party to the E-CAero project will be offered to receive this newsletter.

JP Taran, Eucass President


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Recommended by our Readers

News from Journals

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Hot from websites


Graphene, a Material of Great Promise

Graphene, a sheet of carbon an atom thick, has recently been recognized by the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics. Annick Loiseau reviews the research at Onera on this revolutionary material.

For more info, check this link.

Recommended by our Readers

Below a few abstracts recommended by our readers

Acta Astronautica

In the new volume N. 94, recently published (see here), you find of interest the following invited paper

Heat storage and electricity generation in the Moon during
the lunar night

Blai Climent, Oscar Torroba, Ricard González-Cinca, Narayanan Ramachandran, Michael D. Griffin
Page 352-358

One of the biggest challenges of the exploration of the Moon is the survival of the crew and the lunar assets during the lunar night. The environmental conditions on the lunar surface and its cycle, with long periods of darkness, make any long mission in need of ...


Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets

To appear in the journal soon (check from time to time here) is the following article.

Large-Scale Multidisciplinary Optimization of a Small Satellite’s Design and Operation
J. Hwang, D. Lee, J. Cutler and J. Martins

The multi-disciplinary optimization of a CubeSat satellite is performed using gradient-based adjoint methods. A total of more than 25,000 design variables are considered in the analysis of orbital and attitude dynamics, solar cell illumination, heat transfer, solar power, energy storage and communication..


Journal of Propulsion and Power

It the volume N. 28 (see here) the following article could be of interest.

Gas Density Effects on Dual-Bell Transition Behavior
S. B. Verma, R. Stark and O. Haidn
Pages 1315-1323

Dual-Bell tests conducted inside a high-altitude simulation chamber in DLR Lampoldshausen showed in a delay in the dual-bell transition nozzle pressure ratio. For different back pressure settings, as the nozzle operating pressure was decreased, the transition nozzle pressure ratio increased by as much as 20% for the lowest driving pressure tested...


News from Journals

TsAGI Science Journal

The Volume 44, Issue 3 of 2013 has been published (see here).

Table of Contents

About increase of efficiency of plasma multi-actuator system for boundary layer control
Alexander Petrovich Kuryachii, Dmitriy Anatolyevich Rusyanov, Sergei Leonidovich Chernyshev, Vladimir Vladimirovich Skvortsov
Pages 305-326

Selection of viscous terms approximation in discontinuous galerkin method
Aleksey Igorevich Troshin, Vladimir Viktorovich Vlasenko, Andrey Viktorovich Wolkov
Pages 327-354

Aerodynamic loads measurements on an airfoil using piv system
Vadim Anatolyevich Vlasov, Gadzhi Gadzhimagomaevich Gadzhimagomedov, Vladimir Mikhaylovich Lutovinov, Dmitry Sergeevich Sboev
Pages 355-370

Solution of the inverse problem for an airfoil within the framework of the reynolds averaged navier-stokes equations
Anatoliy Longinovich Bolsunovsky, Nikolay Petrovich Buzoverya, Irina Anatolyevna Gubanova, Maria Anatolyevna Gubanova
Pages 371-385

Engineering technique of correcting the maximal lift coefficient of models for the full-scale flight conditions
Gennadiy Andreevich Fedorenko
Pages 387-404
The method of optimal profiling of flying vehicle fuselage and nozzle at the cruising supersonic flight
Anatoliy Pavlovich Mazurov, Sergey Alexandrovich Takovitsky
Pages 405-417

Generation of the algorithm of synchronization of relay-hysteretic elements in digital redundant control system by means of finite state automation
Sergey Georgievich Bazhenov
Pages 419-432

Noncontact measurements of normal deformation fields of a construction surface by videogrammetry methods while strength testing
Vladimir Petrovich Kulesh, Sergey Mikhaylovich Naumov
Pages 433-444

Thermophysics and Aeromechanics




The new volume 20, Issue 4 of  December 2013 has been published (see here).

Table of Contents

The effect of channel orientation on heat transfer and wall shear stress in the bubbly flow
O. N. Kashinsky, V. V. Randin, A. V. Chinak
Pages 391-398

Attainable superheat of ethane-methane solutions
V. G. Baidakov, A. S. Pankov
Pages 399-406

Volumetric properties of copper-aluminum melts at temperatures up to 1400 °C
A. R. Kurochkin, P. S. Popel, D. A. Yagodin…
Pages 407-416

Surface radiation influence on the regimes of conjugate natural convection in an enclosure with local energy source
S. G. Martyushev, M. A. Sheremet
Pages 417-428

On gas-dynamics and heat exchange of flows in cylindrical channels in the presence of heat sources bounded along a longitudinal coordinate
A. V. Gerasimov, A. P. Kirpichnikov
Pages 429-433

Boundary conditions on a compliant wall in the turbulent flow
V. M. Kulik
Pages 435-440

Aerodynamic studies of typical multi-beam structures
S. D. Salenko, Yu. A. Gosteev, A. D. Obukhovskiy
Pages 441-450

Verification of the open package OpenFOAM on dam break problems
A. Zh. Zhainakov, A. Y. Kurbanaliev
Pages 451-461

Mathematical modeling of the wood ignition process
A. M. Grishin, A. S. Yakimov
Pages 463-475

Thermal conductivity of refrigerant R-415A in the vapor phase
O. I. Verba, E. P. Raschektaeva, S. V. Stankus
Pages 477-479

Proceedings of the conference “Topical Problems of Thermophysics and Physical Hydrodynamics” (Novosibirsk, 13–16 June 2012)
An experimental study of the natural noise in the Transit-M hypersonic wind tunnel
Yu. V. Gromyko, P. A. Polivanov, A. A. Sidorenko…
Pages 481-493

Proceedings of the conference “Topical Problems of Thermophysics and Physical Hydrodynamics” (Novosibirsk, 13–16 June 2012)
An increase of liquid pressure in enclosure under thermal effect through walls
V. Sh. Shagapov, Yu. A. Yumagulova
Pages 495-502

Proceedings of the conference “Topical Problems of Thermophysics and Physical Hydrodynamics” (Novosibirsk, 13–16 June 2012)
Using a test solution of NaCl in water for studying the finely dispersed spraying of liquids
A. N. Ishmatov, B. I. Vorozhtsov, V. A. Arkhipov
Pages 503-511

Proceedings of the conference “Topical Problems of Thermophysics and Physical Hydrodynamics” (Novosibirsk, 13–16 June 2012)
Computation of transport coefficients of chemically reacting systems
Yu. B. Shmelkov, E. V. Samuilov
Pages 513-520

80th anniversary of egon herrmann Emile Krause
Pages 521-522

80th anniversary of Alexey K. Rebrov
Pages 523-524

Journal of Aerospace Engineering



The new volume 228, January 2014 has been published (see here).

Table Of Contents

Editorials from the 25th Anniversary Virtual Issue
Virtual special issue to mark the 25th anniversary of the Journal of Aerospace Engineering
R Martinez-Val
Page 3

A Historical Overview on the 25th Anniversary
J Hodgkinson
Page 4

Original Articles
Blended wing body lateral-directional stability investigation using 6DOF simulation
PF Roysdon
Page 7

Experimental study of a small partial admission axial turbine with low aspect ratio blade
AK Varma and S Soundranayagam
Page 20

Line-of-sight stabilization of a gimbaled mechanism under passive base isolation
KD Kandemir, A Akmese and Y Yazicioglu
Page 35

Linear covariance techniques for closed-loop guidance navigation and control system design and analysis
RS Christensen and D Geller
Page 44

Path-following control for fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles based on a virtual target
JM Zhang, Q Li, N Cheng and B Liang
Page 66

Improvement of satellite conflict prediction reliability through use of the adaptive splitting technique
R Pastel, J Morio and F Le Gland
Page 77

Flutter of a two-dimensional wing with asymmetry at low Mach numbers
S Shao, Q-H Zhu, Y-X Huang, C-L Zhang and X-P Ni
Page 86

Influence of clamp band joint on dynamic behavior of launching system in ascent flight
ZY Qin, SZ Yan and FL Chu
Page 97

Nonlinear dynamic characteristics of rotating ramjet rotor supported by hybrid gas bearing
G-h Zhang, Z-x Liu, W-j Kang, Z-s Liu and T Xin
Page 115

Residual life prediction from statistical features and a GARCH modeling approach for aircraft generators
X Du, Y Zhou and S Dong
Page 137

Airflow hazard prediction for helicopter flight in icing condition
Y Cao, G Li and J Sheridan
Page 147

Satellite constellation build-up via three-body dynamics
MJ Nadoushan and AB Novinzadeh
Page 155

Books Review

  • EUCASS proceedings series – Advances in AeroSpace Sciences

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