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This site lists job offers, activities and training opportunities. The compilation of the main links to sites with job offers has so far been done for France and a few other European countries.

Academic people: If you have openings for a postdoctoral or a teaching position, please forward it to taran @ . We shall be glad to advertise it.

If you wish us to also post your job offers in aerospace on the Eucass portal, please send us the link to your own job page.


  • You can find a collection of jobs offers in academia all over the world at the website


  • A major European recruiter is the firm Airbus Group. All job offers are compiled at
  • HE Space Operations have, over 20 years, provided consultancy services in Engineering and Business Administration. They allow you to work directly on-site with their principal customers in the space sector, EADS and ESA.



You will find relevant websites like that of the French aerospace Industries Aeroemploiformation (in French for the moment) or Research Establishments like ONERA.

If you are a student, note that many schools in France have a partnership with a company that provides a classified presentation of job offers


ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab

You find currently available offers in the links below.

United Kingdom



For academic positions in engineering in the US, you may follow the link:
Hundreds of jobs are listed. Discipline-specific fliers are distributed on request.


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