Public Policy Announcement

Public Policy

Urgent, important

EU about funding priorities

Eucass has observer status in the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE).

It relays its actions, particularly that which is aimed at collectively responding to EU about funding priorities. This may be of critical importance to your own research over the coming years.

To take action, you are invited to read the circular message just sent out by ISE and reproduced below for your convenience, to follow their instructions and respond promptly.

Dear ISE members and observers,


As you know, the EC has opened the consultation on the EU funds for investment, research and innovation etc. for 2021-27. 

Responses will be considered for the EC proposal on the so-called “Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF)” 2021-27. 
This will decide on the overall budget lines – how strong FP9 will be funded versus other EU policies / activities 
such as security, common agricultural policy,  ESFRI, Structural funds .., and will thus have a crucial impact on future
research in Europe


The attached document is the draft of the ISE response to the questionnaire, both for feedback from you,
and as a guide for you own response.

Action now : 
Please send us any track changes to the draft ISE completed questionnaire by 28 February.


Action before 8 March: Encourage as much as possible organisations and individuals to submit their contribution.
This is important as the EC will count how many submissions rank research and innovation with high priority versus other 
EU policies / actions. 
- Organisations which can submit include your European organisation as well as national member organisations
 Individuals whch can submit in their personal capacity include officers of your European organisation and of national 
member organisations,
 as well as their individual members in their personal capacity.


To help you, we attach


-       the draft ISE submission word file to copy-paste answers into the online questionnaire – you should modify according 
to your science area needs. Important: rank research and innovation as top priority for EU funds


-       you have the option to upload in addition a free text through the online questionnaire – you may use the draftfor the ISE response 
that we will send within a couple of days, and that of EPSO as an example for your own free text : : [22.2.2018] EPSO: Submission to EC consultation “EU funds in the area of investment, research and innovation, SMEs and single market”, highlighting Research and Innovation across the EU as top priority for the EU funds post 2020 to bring European scientists and societies closer together to help build an inclusive, collaborative Europe and world and help achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Completed online questionnaire.



How to submit your response: 

Complete the online questionnaire here. 
This takes 15-20 minutes with the prepared copy-paste word file (a draft can be saved and continue later). 
At the end of the questionnaire you can upload supporting documents (max: 1MB) to complement your contribution. 

Organisations (including now ISE) may have a Transparency Register ID number, and it is preferable to have one. 
If your organisation is not registered, you can register here.



Thanks a lot for your help and please let us know when you submit


With best wishes


                      Executive committee of ISE


The draft file for the responses can be downloaded here