It is a pleasure to introduce our readers to the 6th EASN International Conference on Innovation in European Aeronautics Research.

This conference, whose website is reachable at the address, will take place October 18 – 21 2016 at Porto, Portugal.

The 2016 EASN Conference will be a flagship event in dissemination of aeronautics research activities and its goal is to share high quality, current achievements and new upstream research ideas.


It is a pleasure to bringing to the attention of our visitors the initiative of CNES and ISAE-SUPAERO for fostering studies and encouraging students of Orbital Systems.

The summer school, already at its 3rd year, has its own website reachable at the address

The targeted audience are undergraduate students and their teachers, 

Definitely interesting for students that could become future engineers and scientists on this sector, the school has limited place available and inscriptions will close the 21 June, make sure to visit this summer school for more info.


The area of drones and other uavs/uas is currently having an explosive growth and these objects are more and more appearing regularly on mass media and public conscience.

Law enforcement and legislation are trying to deal with this new societal phenomena but opinions and rules are still vague and not adapted in many countries.

In this context Pennsylvania State University is seeking a faculty candidate possessing technical expertise related to the design and engineering of unmanned air vehicles and systems, demonstrating complementary interests in the societal and ethical aspects of such systems.

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