After Moscow (2005), Brussels (2007), Versailles (2009), Saint Petersburg (2011), Munich (2013), Krakow (2015) and Milano (2017),

The 8th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences

took place at ETSIAE UPM School of Aeronautics and Space Engineering in Madrid, Spain from 1st to 4th of July 2019.


It hosted the Conference on “Reusable Systems for Space Access”, by CNES, DLR and ONERA

together with  workshops on “In-Situ Resource Utilization”, “Perspectives for Aeronautical Research in Europe”,

"Flow and Noise control for Aerospace" and "Plasma Propulsion for Space Missions"



EUCASS is the second largest aerospace conference in the World, and first of its kind in Europe since 2005.

The conference is organized by the EUCASS association, founded by a group of European scientists and engineers in order to provide, on the European continent, a high quality forum for the world aerospace scientific community. It is operated by the best specialists in EU, Russia and NIS. It attracts all players, research scientists, engineers, managers and decision makers, world over. It positions itself at the service of agencies and industry and strives to reduce the time to market of discoveries in academic laboratories. Its goal is to foster the competitiveness of its end users, industry and agencies alike.


Participants can find their papers with EUCASS Search Engine

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Dear 7th EUCASS Conference participant


Thank you for joining us in Milan last July. In total, you were 600+ delegates including 160 students. To us, this was extremely gratifying and it appears you appreciated the event quite a lot!

Special thanks to the 254 of you who took time to answer our “feedback questionnaire”. You were 43%, quite a nice score! Your comments are very detailed and will undoubtedly help us to prepare an even better congress in 2019. The following chapters summarize the main findings. Please contact us if you wish to read the complete feedback document.

You find the document in pdf format here.

The conference has been held using five parallel symposia dealing with aspects of:

  • SI      SYSTEM INTEGRATION on Aircraft and Space Launch Vehicles
  • FP     FLIGHT PHYSICS for Aircraft and Launch Vehicles including Re- Entry Bodies
  • SM   STRUCTURES AND MATERIALS for Aeronautics and Space Systems
  • FD    FLIGHT DYNAMICS/ GNC and AVIONICS for Aeronautics and Space Applictions
  • PP     PROPULSION PHYSICS for Air-Breathing and Rocket Engines

A poster session was present as well. 

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